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Last night, Chief Keef was the real talk of NY. While he’s not even old enough to legally drink alcohol, the Chi-town teen had a packed house of drunken rap fans trying to get a glimpse of the kid. I’d say a good amount of the crowd were just to bear witness to what Interscope believes will be the next big thing in rap. Keef hit the stage at about midnight and it was a bit confusing to figure out what was going on. It took a few minutes to get the sound situated, plus he had like 30 people on that tiny SOBs stage with him. But surely after he Chief found his groove, he had heads moshing, girls sitting on dudes shoulders, and security running around snatching blunts from people. It says something when kids are brazen enough to light up in the main area of SOBS. They’re always super tight about that stuff.

He kept his set short, almost too short (Beeeetch). Of course “I Don’t Like” got the most reaction from the crowd, but just as things got rowdy, Keef called his grandma and made his exit from the stage. His entire set was about 16 minutes long. Lil’ homey definitely has a movement but it’ll take some polish and a lot of experience to make his live show a real force in hip-hop.

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