Chance The Rapper has long teased a joint project with his idol Kanye West. Initially, it sounded like the pair were planning to resurrect Good Ass Job, the lost fourth installment in Kanye’s College DropoutLate RegistrationGraduation series. But recently, Chance told Peter Rosenberg that he and Kanye are working on a seven-song project together, in the vein of all the G.O.O.D. Music albums that have dropped this summer.

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In a new interview with Windy City LIVE, Chance gave more credence to the long-awaited collaboration and announced that he and Kanye are working on the album this month. No, not in Wyoming, but in their hometown of Chicago.

“Working under him, working with him on his albums is crazy, but having him tell me that he wants to produce my album and come to Chicago and work with me is like…,” Chance said. “This month we’re working in Chicago.” Chance called the album “very, very personal” and said it will “clarify” things about his private life that have been leaked to — or misconstrued by — the media and public. No word on a release date, though.

Chance also discussed his recent engagement, writing sketches for SNL, and his monthly Open Mike event. Watch the interview in full below.

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