Last week it was haircuts…

Picture 32Picture 30Picture 28

(punk rockabilly haircuts, fake mohawks, and mom/son matching haircuts….)
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(mid-career-crisis haircuts, career-limbo haircuts, and supercute baby haircuts.)

But this week….its all about dramatic soul-baring via the internets. Bow Wow got naked to prove that he can bag a galpal (zzzz). Lindsay Lohan had a fit on the front stoop of  her galpal.

Then, reader Nightfall endured 2 hours of Teyana Taylor’s webcast, and sent over this recap: “Teyana Taylor celebrating her 2 month Ustream anniversary, crying reading fan mail. I have the most puzzled look on my face…It starts off with her crying for like 10mins. Then more crying around the 55min mark. And then Teyana talks about how Bow Wow isn’t following her on twitter at around the 1:29:00 mark….ugh”

(Just imagine what’s gonna happen for the half-year anniversary!)

The king of all craziness was…Stephon Marbury’s completely manic never-ending webcast, featured him crying, eating Vaseline and generally losing his marbles….(one viewer who actually stuck with Starbury’s marathon, caught him talking on the phone off camera….revealing a motive to the madness. Sort of. He says he’s broke?)After the jump

Stephon cries while listening to Kirk Franklin …..(and is kept company by Thing T. Thing from the Addams Family?)

Stephon Marbury eats Vaseline. (Fyi: just because it’s called jelly does not make it a sweet treat.)

(oy….the description on this video is very conspiracist. Viewer Paul Boat writes: “ustream wouldn’t give him the money he demanded, paid him something, This was the other cam in the room. he thought he was out of microphone range.” I gotta love the annotations, lol.)

(“here [Stephon] talks about being in debt”)

(“here [Stephon] talks about marketing his t-shirts with Dre and Drake, ‘PUT ME IN A BOX.'”)

Huh?! I avoided watching these clips all day because the first 20-seconds of the crying clip freaked me out. I tried to listen to Stef’s phone rant…and honestly I couldn’t hear it clearly enough to judge…but what is painfully clear is that this guy is off his rocker. So if he’s trying to sell views to Ustream or sell t-shirts with odd slogans…its a moot point. He needs medication. Or detox. He also looks different for some reason….

Now, comedian Donnell Rawlings has added his spoof…bringing the circus full circle….

omg. HA!!