(NOTE: for some of you hip hop fans, maybe you have never heard of Lady Sov or maybe you dont care….so just ignore this post. But you can still watch the trainwreck anyways. Either way, we can skip all the “who is this girl, who cares, i never heard of her,” etc. posts because of this disclaimer, lol)

obviously Lady Sov didnt turn out to be the big hip hop star that Jay-Z (or someone in his camp) thought she’d be over here in the States. I remember being irritated by all the hype surrounding her signing to Rocafella and thinking that it was just another gimmick reach…trying to jump on the grime bandwagon by folks who clearly wouldnt care about this artists’ actual market and then soon give up….but anyways…im getting off topic…..I still feel for the fact that she is obviously now suffering the fate of many artists who sign with major labels or celeb ceos and then get floated out to sea. Some artists are smart enough and mature enough to weather the storm because of their own support system and fan loyalty (see The Roots) but others end up breaking down on the stage of Brooklyn’s Studio B nightclub (which is like this weird grimy hipster haven) in front of a pissed off crowd.

Witness the latter….Lady Sov overshares about her depression, self-cutting?, bankruptcy, etc…….hey Hov, buy her a pair of “Ma-no-nos” or something…

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