When the news broke today, I rushed to work to go live with Angie Martinez and DJ Kast One. It was a roller coaster riding out the conflicting reports from CNN, LATimes, AP, NYT, and TMZ. But immediately after it was confirmed that Michael Jackson had passed, those close to him and those influenced rushed to share their reactions and memories.

Brian Oxman, Jackson family spokesman speaks to CNN about his concerns of Michael’s medical treatment in recent weeks.

CNN’s Roland Martin shares MJ’s brother Marlon Jackson’s account of Michael’s last days.

(Perez Hilton’s tacky first reaction to reports of MJ’s collapse)

Quincy Jones’ statement to Vibe Magazine.

Madonna’s statement.
Michael Jackon’s ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley’s statement.

And around the web, fans are paying tribute by celebrating Michael Jackson’s music…

Rappers I Know presents: Oh No (Michael Jackson), Kay, & The ARE as Dem Dam Jacksons

Nahright’s map of Michael Jackson hip hop samples

RapRadar’s video tribute

De La Soul’s Maseo spins a tribute to Michael Jackson live on ustream