I feel ashamed that missinfo.tv‘s first cat video is a commercial, but this literally made me laugh out loud today so…that’s reason enough to share. Not to mention, this British milk advertisement (created by Wieden-Kennedy, where we have many friends) was named #8 on Adweek’s Best Ads of 2011.

Best moment? The cat west-side-story gang, of course.

There are some other amazing ad-gems on this ‘Best of’ list….some we’ve seen before. But this one French talking bear-rug commercial…Totally Fantastic!

Watch my favorites, after the jump

Adweek named that Eminem x Chrysler ad as the #3 ad of the year. I get it, it was very emotive. But a bit overhyped. They also loved the Google Chrome “Dear Sophie” ad, which features a Korean dad writing a letter to his insanely adorable newborn daughter and documenting her growth. Full admission: I cried when I first saw this on TV. Who didn’t? You’re a zombie then!

Number #1 on the Best of 2011 list was that cute Volkswagon ad with the kid in the Darth Vader costume…it played during the Superbowl, remember? But here were my favorites from the Adweek list:

#6 totally blew my mind…I love this! French movie channel Canal+ and their talking bear rug. “I don’t give a shiiiiit!” This rug deserves an Oscar! Or at the very least, a Dundy!!

#9 on the list: A very clever way of making a point about the advantages of the all-electric Nissan Leaf car.

#2 is Chipotle’s long-form ad promotes their policy of using veggies and meat from local farms. I didn’t even realize they did that. But this succeeds in making me want to give them my business. Chipotle also enlisted Willie Nelson to cover Coldplay which is a little depresso, but it’s for a good cause.

Eminem’s Superbowl Commercials: Brisk Ice Tea and Chrysler