Are you fed up with emotional rapper rants, and celeb suck-up circle-jerking, and entitled tweets from folks with unclear professional backgrounds, and people copping pleas, and people propping people they secretly hate, and people pretending to be your rap Tony Robbins, and unproductive debates about outdated business models, and click-stunts that you keeping falling for, and viral sadness trolling, and promo spam, and terrible swag contests, and passive-aggressive think pieces, and endless launches, and overindulgent bloated mixtapes, and questionable experts, and overly long articles that give you everything you never asked for….

Ok, maybe it’s just me. So we can’t all be shining beacons of happiness every day. (ps: Im def guilty of many of the above. Everyone I know is. Except for Eskay. He’s pretty faultless.)

But on the off chance that you’re feeling grumpy or annoyed today too. Here’s a short video that is unrelated to everything, but totally adorable. Take a break from all those feeds screaming at you on your timeline. Grab a green juice, eat a pastry, watch this video. For f–k’s sake, it’s a bunch of dogs getting bullied by cats. What’s not to love?
After that, we’ll all go back to being a person causing problems, a person solving problems, or a person just watching and yelling “Worldstar!”

Miss Info

Thank you to Jezebel for the hand-off.