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Young Dolph inadvertently made headlines this week, after two baristas were fired at a campus coffee shop at Duke University for playing rap music. Last Friday (May 4), Duke University VP of Student Affairs Larry Moneta walked into the Joe Van Gogh shop and was offended as he heard Young Dolph’s “Get Paid” played on the speakers. Played from a Spotify playlist, Moneta was offended by the song’s lyrics and started to verbally harass Britni Brown, one of the baristas. Kevin Simmons was the other barista that witnessed the encounter, and soon after the two were terminated after Moneta contacted Duke Dining Services executive director Robert Coffey.

The incident made headlines all week, and caught Young Dolph’s attention. On Friday afternoon (May 11), the Memphis rapper took to the stage at Day 1 of the Rolling Loud Festival in Miami. Along with flying both Brown and Simmons in town for the event, he spoke on the incident and brought the two students on stage before handing them $20,000.

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ILOVEMAKONNEN took a major step forward, showing bravery and courage when opening up on a personal issue on Friday (Jan. 20). In the early morning hours, the Atlanta-based artist took to Twitter to speak on his sexuality. “As a fashion icon, I can’t tell u about everybody else’s closet, I can only tell u about mine, and it’s time I’ve come out,” said the 27-year-old.

And since y’all love breaking news, here’s some old news to break, I’m gay. And now I’ve told u about my life, maybe u can go life yours❤,” he continued, revealing he’s gay. ILOVEMAKONNEN broke onto the music scene in 2014 with the song “Tuesday,” a record that got remixed by Drake and lead to ILOVEMAKONNEN’s signing to OVO Sound. The partnership didn’t last long as Makonnen parted ways with the Canadian-based label in April 2016.

Check out Makonnen’s announcement below.

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Damian Marley and Ocean Grown Extracts have announced that they are partnering on a multi-million dollar business that will convert a former California State prison into a marijuana farm. Bob Marley’s son and the weed company plan to cultivate medical marijuana for state dispensaries.

“Many people sacrificed so much for the herb over the years who got locked up,” says Marley, 38, noting the poetic justice of turning a prison that once housed non-violent drug offenders into a cannabis cultivation facility. “If this [venture] helps people and it’s used for medicinal purposes and inspires people, it’s a success.”

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Tyler Thomas BirdsIView

Miss Info: As the days gets shorter and colder and darker here in New York City…the perfect antidote for the seasonal blues is this new EP ‘BirdsIView’ from 23-year old Los Angeles singer/rapper Tyler Thomas. Thomas has been on his independent grind for the past few years, catching the attention of industry insiders with “Whiskey on the Rocks” back in 2012 and his 2013 Higher Learning EP…but now, under the executive-production direction of Grammy-winning squad The Stereotypes, Thomas is primed for the big-time.

This week, Thomas dropped a video for the very PCH-drive-ready “Make Me Go” (above)…But so far, my favorite track has been the grittier “Lincoln Ave.”

Watch Tyler’s “Lincoln Ave” video and download his ‘Birds I View’ EP…
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Our friends at the FADER are pulling out all the stops for their 100th issue. The first cover-story reveal is Drake, possibly his best-looking portrait (I mean, there have been some odd ones over the years), and an interesting look into arguably the biggest “rap” star during one of his most active periods. The story opens up with Serena Williams fans blaming him for her U.S. Open loss, moves onto Drake’s action-packed summer of Meek beef and Future bromance…and gives some insight into the imminent ‘Views From The 6’ album which still has no set release date.

The FADER also reminds us that this is Drake’s first in-depth interview since he quit the media in 2014 amidst the backlash of his refreshingly abrasive Rolling Stone feature.
Along with incredible detail and observation from writer Leon Neyfakh, there are also some beautiful photos by Mark Peckmezian that show a different side of hip hop’s most meme-ingful star.
Really well done.

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Comedian Amy Schumer is having a particularly no-f*cks-given week and deserves to be saluted for that. On Tuesday night, she managed to both upstage Kanye and Kim Kardashian by fake-falling in front of them on the Time 100 gala red carpet, and simultaneously reveal their total composed lack of consideration for the lesser beings who unfortunately share this planet. GOTCHA, Kimye! I mean just look at the complete lack of reaction.

According to Amy, she asked her publicist if she could pretend to faceplant in from of them, and the publicist said…”well, I can’t stop you.” That’s a green light.

But while Schumer was flopping in front of Yeezy, her Comedy Central sketch comedy series, Inside Amy Schumer, was jumping off season 2…the two highlights being: 1) a catchy music video (co-starring Amber Rose and Method Man) about what America’s butt obsession really ignores. And 2) an incredible parody (co-starring Josh Charles of The Good Wife) of Friday Night Lights which addresses football’s rape culture. Ooof!


Watch both skits below…


Miss Info: When I need to go to a lonely, quiet, contemplative place…or maybe is it more accurate to say, when I’m already in a lonely place and I need some music that leaves me there and doesn’t try to drag me to a stupid party to make me feel better…I know I can always rely on those moody Brits of The XX. Now this June, frontman Jamie XX (who has hip hop fans like Drake who also knows the pop music value of sadness) is releasing a solo album called In Colour. Can. Not. Wait. And if this new single “Loud Places,” that Jamie debuted on BBC Radio is any indication…the solo material will be very much in keeping with the xx vibes of previous albums like Coexist (it even features Jamie’s bandmate Romy) and I mean that in the best way possible.

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Nikelab x Sacai 2015 outfit

MissInfo: I know all my guys here at MissInfo.TV get all worked up over Yankee hats with Supreme box logos on them, and every glimpse of Kanye’s Adidas Yeezy Boost was click crack on social media. But I’ve heard barely a peep about this Nikelab x Sacai collection from most folks. Maybe it’s because the set of pleat-backed jackets and hoodies are for women? Maybe it’s because Chitose Abe doesn’t have the Kardashians and the Rihannas of the world sitting next to the fashion editors at the Sacai shows? Not sure…but I’ve been a superfan of Sacai for the longest. Think wool baseball jackets with lace flounce backs, or combo wool and silk scarf dresses. Lots of tent shapes and weird colors, but so well done. This collaboration with Nike doesn’t have any of the sex appeal of H&M’s Alexander Wang hype-machine. But I love it. The Spring 2015 pieces will be on Nikelab on March 19th.

Check out NikeLab x Sacai’s great video presentation and their futuristic Air Max 90 interpretation, after the jump…


Fetty Wap’s catchy “Trap Queen” is showing no signs of slowing down in the near future. The Auto-Tune laced anthem has caught the attention of many, getting remixed by Fabolous, French Montana, Lil’ Kim, Quavo of Migos, and more recently Shy Glizzy. Throw in a co-sign from Kanye West, who brought out the New Jersey-native as his Roc City Classic concert, and the viral hit appears to be a mainstay as the warmer season comes near.

Toronto producer Arthur McArthur, who recently received a Grammy nomination for contributing “The Sleaze” on Wiz Khalifa’s Blacc Hollywood LP, adds a different musical take on club banger. Keeping some elements from the original, McArthur cleverly does a mashup with Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen” and legendary rock band Queens’ “Bohemian Rapsody,” “We Will Rock You” and “Another One Bites The Dust.” Listen below and click here for a more in-depth look at Arthur McArthur‘s quiet rise and role in Toronto’s music scene, done by Noisey’s Evelyn Kwong.

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It has become a viral hit and online sensation since its debut six months ago. Now, after a two week break, part two of the Money & Violence season finale is here. Presented by Cloud 9 TV, the Brooklyn-based street drama starring Rafe, Miz, Kane, and Shane, has garnered plenty of great reviews nationwide. Focused on the street life and its consequences mixed in with life lessons, watch the one-hour finale below and a playlist of season one.

Check out the Money & Violence crew’s visit to HOT 97’s Ebro In the Morning and The Combat Jack Show here and here.

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