Shots Fired

Police Confirm Keak Da Sneak Is Stable Following Shooting

Keak Da Sneak was involved in a shooting on Monday (Aug. 21) and deemed to be in critical condition. The west-coast legend was discovered at a run down gas station in Richmond, California when authorities responded to shots being fired at roughly 5:30 a.m. According to East Bay Times, the California native was taken to a local hospital trauma center — and no shooting suspects were identified at press time.

Bay Area rap legend Mistah F.A.B. took to Instagram and confirmed that though Keak had been shot, the situation has not turned fatal. “The big homie made it through surgery. He did get shot, he’s not dead. Prayers and strength may go with him. We need to stop waiting ’til we hear news of something to show our appreciation for someone.”

Our condolences and prayers are with him. Get well soon!

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J. Cole has been the talk on social media the past 24 hours. On Thursday (Dec. 1) it leaked that the North Carolina MC will be dropping a new album titled 4 Your Eyez Only on December 9. The excitement only continued to grow shortly after midnight on Friday (Dec. 2), when Cole World released a new 40-minute documentary Eyez, revolving around the making of 4 Your Eyez Only before it arrives next week.

At the 30:40 mark of the documentary released exclusively on TIDAL, a music video for a song called “False Prophets” plays, where in the first verse J. Cole appears to take aim at Kanye West.

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Beanie Sigel is out to reclaim his Broad Street Bully reputation in his ongoing beef with Meek Mill. After dropping “I’m Coming” yesterday, Beans goes back-to-back on his Philly foe with this second diss song in as many days. On “Good Night,” Mack Mittens puts away the Nicki Minaj barbs (no pun intended) and instead sets his sights on Meek’s street credibility. By the sounds of it, he’s just warming up — Beans has a third diss record locked and loaded.

You ain’t been through wars, hugging your boys cryin’/Might not make it back, but you ride? You lyin’/And that shit you write, it don’t excite me/I push your shit to the white meat/Don’t you ever think you’re like me/I’m the dad you never had/What’s your problem n*gga? I’m like your father figure/And with that being said, daddy’s here to put the kids to bed/Now get your ass upstairs/And I better not hear that TV on/S.P. chasing n*ggas with that D.C. on.

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It’s not even lunchtime yet and already The Game has beef on his mind. This morning, the Compton rapper unleashed a diss song aimed at Meek Mill called “92 Bars,” on which he calls him out for snitching and threatens to “snap him like a tooth pick.” He also brags about giving Nicki his “pool stick.”

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kim kardashian taylor swift

Talk about the Internet goin’ nuts. Last night, Kim Kardashian finally got fed up of Taylor Swift and exposed her “fake ass” (her husband’s words, not ours) by presenting cold, hard, Snapchat evidence of that phone call between Kanye West and Taylor Swift.

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You never know where, when or how Jay Electronica will pop up next. One minute he’s doing commercials for Toyota, the next he’s, well, not releasing an album. Tonight, just hours before Kendrick Lamar potentially sweeps the 58th Annual Grammy Awards, Jay Electronica takes aim at K. Dot on a new song called “The Curse of Mayweather.”

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ghostface killah martin shkreli diss video

This morning the Ghostface Killah vs. Martin Shkreli beef took another bizarre yet hilarious turn as Tony Starks released his own video dissing the widely hated pharmaceutical boss. In the clip, Ghost goes in on Shkreli for almost 12 minutes, calling him “the man with the 12-year-old body” and putting his face on Pee-Wee Herman memes. Mocking Shkreli’s initial diss video, Ghost even brought out his own goons — his mother and sister — to give Shkreli a stern talking to.

The video isn’t solely for comedy purposes, though; in response to Shkreli raising the price of the Daraprim pill from $13.50 to $750, Ghost has introduced CBD Oil, an alternative medicine for cancer and AIDs patients. In the video, his sister Asia gives a testimony about how CBD Oil has helped with her brain surgery.

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Wiz Khalifa may have held his tongue (for the most part, anyway) during Kanye West’s flagrant onslaught against him (and later on, his ex-wife and son) on Twitter yesterday, but he had some choice words for Mr. West during last night’s show in Argentina. It wasn’t exactly a stop-the-music rant like Kanye has been known to do, but he did sneak in a quick “FUCK KANYE!” while performing “Taylor Gang,” which drew some cheers from the crowd.

Meanwhile, after hitting Kanye with some ether of her own on Twitter yesterday, Amber Rose continued on the offence during an appearance on the podcast Allegedly. “I would never talk about kids in an argument,” she said. “It just shows what kind of person [Kanye] is.” When asked if she was surprised by Kanye’s comments, she replied, “No, because I know him. I know he’s a fucking clown.”

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kanye west wiz khalifa

Kanye West’s decision to rename his new album WAVES didn’t go down so well in some circles (no pun intended) last night. Wiz Khalifa in particular was pretty vocal about it, suggesting that Kanye stole the, well, wave of Mr. Wavie Crockett himself, Max B.

Clearly tweets have been watching, because Kanye clapped back at Wiz (who is the ex of his ex, lest we forget) with an absolute assault of scathing tweets (plus a Kim K emoji, for good measure) this afternoon.

Wiz responded earlier on in Kanye’s Twitter rant, writing back, “KK is weed fool. Reason’s why your not wavy. Go bacc to Swish.” However, he’s yet to respond to the more recent — and more personal — tweets from Kanye that dragged Amber Rose and her son, Sebastian, into the conversation.

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rick ross

You know what? I’ve forgotten why Rick Ross and 50 Cent were even beefing in the first place. Hell, they probably have, too. But best believe neither of these bosses are going to back down. In a hilarious new interview with Rolling Stone, Rozay rained down with more not-so-friendly fire on his long-time foe.

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