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If the White House Correspondents Dinner is Nerd Prom, then Anna Wintour’s annual Met Gala is…Fashion Halloween? Well, this year, since the Costume Institute exhibit is honoring Chinese art and how it has influenced fashion…I’m cringing in advance about all the possible ways that celebs might mishandle this theme. If someone wears a kimono I’ll go postal in the nearest Forever 21.


(Kim Kardashian and Kanye West loading into their car on their way to the Met. Don’t get stuck in that POTUS traffic…)

Well…Brace yourself for the red carpet highs and lows…after the jump:


HBO’s ‘Last Week Tonight’, starring ‘Daily Show’-alum John Oliver has quickly become my favorite way of learning about what I should be mad about in the world. It’s actually taken that similar role from ‘The Daily Show,’ and finessed it by making longer rants, with less skits, more context, and all the razor-sharp insight. I urge you to watch Oliver’s breakdown of the Ferguson uprising, his incredible interview with Edward Snowden in Russia (that finally made a real-life comparison of the NSA scandal that I could understand), and his explanation of how ridiculously unfair college sports is to athletes….please cancel your lunch date, and just start watching.

This past Sunday…’Last Week Tonight’ focused on a recent marketing slogan that somehow made it onto bottles of Bud Light beer. Seriously…what the fxck!?!

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 1.11.12 PM

Did Rick Ross somehow get a copy-writing gig at Bud Light’s ad agency?

Not only did John Oliver take down Bud’s corporate checks and balances system hilariously…but the bonus parody commercial at the end, starring Wyatt Cenac, Alex Karpovsky, etc, was amazing.
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“The concept for the video represents one of the things that 3 a.m. is for me. It’s a very one-on-one time,” Diddy tells Style about his provocative new commercial for 3AM, Sean John’s new fragrance. “It’s a time to have fun and push the envelope a little bit. It’s definitely an hour where you would find yourself with a young lady. Anything can happen at 3 a.m., and in the video, you see a fantasy that’s in my head of what happened that night.”

Famed director Nabil took on the role of morphing Diddy’s new scent into one intense, hyper-sexualized video clip. Though, it was originally intended to be men’s cologne, Puff says its slowly turning into a unisex spray.

3AM will debut at Macy’s Herald Square on May 6.

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kendrick lamar superhero

Mass Appeal recently rolled out their latest cool video series “SUPER…,” in which they ask artists about their superhero fantasy. The latest episode features the magazine’s current cover star Kendrick Lamar, who gives a very detailed — and very Kendrick-like — description of his superhero alter ego “Hardbody,” whose sole mission is to infiltrate the evil in the world and spread nothing but love. In other words, the comic book version of To Pimp a Butterfly.

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suge knight floyd mayweather

Win or lose on Saturday, Floyd Mayweather is set to pocket just shy of $180 million in the blockbuster fight against his fierce rival Manny Pacquiao. Despite having already promised to give each of his four kids $50 million in pocket money, it looks like Floyd is set to splash some of that cash on a close friend… Suge Knight.

UPDATE: TMZ says this completely false: “We’re told Floyd and Suge were close in the past — but they haven’t been in contact in several years.

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The situation in Baltimore, Maryland this week has been a powder keg, or a raisin in the sun. The tweet that floored me was from @Shugah, who quoted a very prophetic James Baldwin Esquire interview from 1968. (Read that for some head crack.) But back to Baltimore, 2015…the complex issues from Freddie Gray’s unexplained spinal injury, his death, the release of his unrelated police record, the days of peaceful protest, and then this week’s explosion of violence, looting, and vandalism…can not be summed up neatly or patched up with a meme. It has to be added to the growing list of issues and incidents that are festering around the country.
But…I just wanted to share an interview that CBS did with Toya Graham, the Baltimore mom who angrily pulled her 16-year-old son off the street when she spotted him throwing rocks at riot police.

Watch Toya Graham…after the jump

(Hair. Laid.)

After first being spotted together earlier in April, Ciara and Russell Wilson made a very public debut on Tuesday night when Ciara accompanied her new Seattle Seahawks football playing beau to the White House State Dinner to honor Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (huh? Why was Wilson even invited to that? By the way, Abe is getting a lot of heat for censoring journalists back in Japan). The couple played coy by instagramming about White House china patterns (Seriously. Both Ciara and Russell)….but looked very handsome together in the photo opps.

Meanwhile…Ciara’s fans have been spamming her ex-fiance/babydaddy Future’s mentions with endless football emoji.
His response?….
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wale baltimore high school

He may have just dropped The Album About Nothing, but Wale had a lot to say to the kids of Baltimore today. In the wake of Freddie Grey’s death and the ensuing protests, the DMV native joined Rev. Jamal Bryant at Fredrick Douglas High School this morning to speak to students about his own experiences with police harassment, while stressing the importance of self-belief and community.

“We need our community leaders to come step forward and we need these kids to understand that somebody believes in them,” Wale said. “I believe in them, Jamal believes in them and there’s a lot of people in this community that believe in these kids.”

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The elusive Frank Ocean finally got his day in court. No, not for a crime, but to finally make the legal transformation from Mr. Breaux to Mr. Ocean. According to TMZ, a judge approved his name change after Frank took care of some back dated driver licence issues.

It had been over a year since the singer first filed to legally change his name to his stage name.

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Comedian Amy Schumer is having a particularly no-f*cks-given week and deserves to be saluted for that. On Tuesday night, she managed to both upstage Kanye and Kim Kardashian by fake-falling in front of them on the Time 100 gala red carpet, and simultaneously reveal their total composed lack of consideration for the lesser beings who unfortunately share this planet. GOTCHA, Kimye! I mean just look at the complete lack of reaction.

According to Amy, she asked her publicist if she could pretend to faceplant in from of them, and the publicist said…”well, I can’t stop you.” That’s a green light.

But while Schumer was flopping in front of Yeezy, her Comedy Central sketch comedy series, Inside Amy Schumer, was jumping off season 2…the two highlights being: 1) a catchy music video (co-starring Amber Rose and Method Man) about what America’s butt obsession really ignores. And 2) an incredible parody (co-starring Josh Charles of The Good Wife) of Friday Night Lights which addresses football’s rape culture. Ooof!


Watch both skits below…

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