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Clearly Tom Ford isn’t down with the Molly movement, either. Last year during his Magna Carter World Tour, Jay Z started rocking a Black Boy Place football jersey inspired by his “Tom Ford” lyrics, featuring “TOM FORD,” “61″ and “MOLLY” struck through on the back. Now, what he’s calling “a knock-off of the knock-off,” Tom Ford has taken the genius design made famous by Hov and printed it on the front of two sequined dresses as part of his Fall 2014 collection, which he previewed at London Fashion Week yesterday. Who says Jay’s brand is suffering?

Take a look at Jay Z’s original Tom Ford jersey below…



Oh wow. My face is still hurting from laughing at Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon running through all of hip hop’s greatest dance trends from the “Kid n Play” dance to the “Dougie” and even “Superman that Ho.” So glad that on the opening night, the very first show of Jimmy Fallon’s run as the host of the historic Tonight Show…he brought along one of the best reoccurring features of his Late Night With Jimmy Fallon show, “The History of Rap” Tonight, he switched it up a bit and called it, “The Evolution of Hip Hop Dance.”

Trust me, it’s hilarious…
Watch Jimmy and Will dance…
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Having had the pleasure of spending time IRL with actors Gabrielle Union and Romany Malco, I know first-hand how stomach-crampingly hilarious these two both are. They star in the upcoming Think Like a Man 2, which hits theaters on June 20th, along with Kevin Hart, LaLa Anthony, Terrence J, Fonzworth Bentley, the hysterical stand-up comedian Gary Owen (he plays “the white friend” lol), and more. In this sequel to the 2012 hit, Think Like a Man, the crew of friends hit Las Vegas (a la The Hangover) for a bachelor’s/bachelorette’s weekend.

Check out the trailer above, and peep the official poster, after the jump.

action bronson dwarf

At this point, it’s fair to say that Action Bronson has the best live show in rap right now. We’ve seen him body slam a fan and get into a shoving match with a security guard on stage in the last week alone. And it looks like his gig in Santa Ana, California last Friday briefly turned into a dwarf-tossing game when one miniature-sized fan rushed the stage — not once, but twice! If you haven’t got tickets for the Blue Chips 2 tour yet, you’re going about life the wrong way.

Watch the hilarious clip after the jump…


complex fashion bros

COMPLEX TV is looking to dominate the Interwebs even further this year. With New York Fashion Week in full effect, the global brand launched their new style show, Fashionbros. Hosts Lawrence Schlossman and James Harris run down all the current do’s and don’ts in fashion. Here is the debut episode.

Watch the episode below…



Hurts when breathe. Alchemist tweeted this hilarious photo of Earl Sweatshirt dressed up like Joe Budden to the man himself. The caption read “pum, pum, PUMP IT UP.” No comment because my stomach hurts from laughing so hard.

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Cam’ron had a very special and private birthday affair last night. Harlem’s fashion icon gathered up some of his closest friends and some of the Tri-State area’s finest dancers for an exclusive lingerie party held at the Killa Cam headquarters. Of course the shining star of the evening, JuJu, made sure everything was just perfect for Cam on his big day. She actually captured one of the best moments on IG video. Check out this hilarious clip of Killa awarding Dame with a special lap dance.

Watch the video and check out pics below…


pharrell snoop dogg ggn

Pharrell, rocking a more subtle yet nonetheless fly hat, linked up with old buddy Snoop Dogg on the latest episode of GGN. Skateboard P spoke on how he got so tight with Daft Punk, why cultural impact is more important than awards, and why Snoop is the Martin Scorsese of the Grammys. The pair also reminisced about making “Drop It Like It’s Hot”: Pharrell soaking up the vibe of having 40 Crips and “a HELL of a lot of contact [high]” in the studio, getting Snoop to rewrite his second verse, and Chad’s synth stabs.

In related news, it’s been announced today that Pharrell will perform at the 2014 Oscars, airing Sunday, March 2. Skateboard P will perform his hit single “Happy,” which is coincidentally up for Best Song.

Watch after the jump…


Action Bronson’s a big guy, and he’s not scared to throw his weight around (literally). During a show in Portland last night, Bam Bam offered the fade to one poor security guard. Security approached the burly MC on stage after he lit a joint, before getting put on his ass by two swift and mighty shoves. It looked like the show was put on hold for a minute, but that clearly didn’t bother the crowd.

Just this past weekend, Bronson showed off more moves in his arsenal at a show in Seattle. After one particularly gutsy fan climbed on stage, Bam Bam charged at him like a bull who just saw a red cape and launched him back into the crowd. People just don’t learn, do they?

Watch after the jump (skip to 3:30)…



The big Seinfeld reunion turned out to just be a commercial for Jerry’s online show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Though, it was pretty damn cool to see Jerry reunite with George, and even Newman one more time. Hopefully, this sparks some more Seinfeld “reunions.”

watch the full commercial below…


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