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Following in the footsteps of the other Mr. Carter, it looks like Lil Wayne might be making a move into the sports management business — and his first client could be one of the biggest soccer stars on the planet. According to TMZ, Weezy is starting his own sports agency, with Portugal and Real Madrid icon Cristiano Ronaldo being the first name on his roster.

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fifty shades of grey EW cover

The Fifty Shades of Grey book trilogy…if you didn’t notice every woman on the train reading it, or chattering at the coffee shop about getting tied up and ravished by a mysterious rich dude…is a big deal. They sold 70 million copies in 8 months, making author E.L.James $95 million dollars in 2013, and now, of course, there’s a movie version.
The Today Show debuted the trailer this morning, so check out actress Dakota Johnson (daughter of Miami Vice‘s Don Johnson) as Anastasia Steele, and Jamie Dornan (from Once Upon a Time) as Christian Grey…
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Remember that softcore thriller from like 10 years ago called Stealing Candy that Coolio starred in? No? Oh, me neither. I just read about it on Wikipedia, I swear. Well, that’s light work compared to the “Gangster’s Paradise” rapper’s latest porno project.

In a bizarre yet ballsy effort to revive his career, Coolio is planning to release a new body of work through — wait for it — According to TMZ, the site provided the, erm, talent for his new video, aptly-titled “Take It To The Hub,” in exchange for premiering his future releases.

It’ll be the 50-year-old rapper’s first musical project in five years, and what a way to announce your comeback (no pun intended).

Go behind the scenes of Coolio’s “Take It to the Tub” video below (NSFW, obviously)


Manuel Noriega
(Real-life Manny vs. Call of Duty Manny)

I must repeat this Theophilus London album title at least 6-7 times a week, but it always fits….Timez Are Weird These Days.
Like today, as the New York Times reports that Noriega is suing Activision over the videogame Call of Duty: Black Ops II.



I can’t say that I am all the way happy with this bill, but it is the first step in the right direction. As an advocate of medical marijuana, I feel that New York City should have passed the bill a long, long time ago. For years, the Senate has been debating whether to let the Liberty State go green.

Late last night, the Senate voted 49-10 to approve the medical marijuana bill for therapeutic purposes for patients with serious diseases or conditions like cancer, AIDS and epilepsy. The key person on the case, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, has finally pledged his support. But the real issue I have is that smokable marijuana is not included in the bill and the restrictions on legal pot are very, very extreme here.

However, we want to know what you guys think about the subject, so please weigh-in in the comments section.

“There are certainly significant medical benefits that can be garnered; at the same time, it’s a difficult issue because there are also risks that have to be averted,” Mr. Cuomo said, mentioning safety and law enforcement concerns. “We believe this bill strikes the right balance.”

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drake blackberry.jpg

BlackBerry may have pulled a proverbial muscle and subsequently watched themselves get lapped by the likes of Apple and Samsung in the smartphone race, but the aging giants are looking to close the distance with the help of a certain superstar rapper.

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kanye west bonnaroo

The question everyone’s asking Kanye right now isn’t “how was the honeymoon?” or “wait, Jaden Smith really wore a white Batman costume to your wedding?” But “what’s up with you and Jay Z?”

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Kris Jenner, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian in Paris

The official minister of propaganda for the Kardashian enterprise, Kris Jenner, called into Australian radio station KIIS 106.5 to update the world on her children’s emotional states, fertility projects and bedfellow changes. She also addresses KimYe’s residential status, Jay Z and Beyonce’s absence at the wedding of the decade, and Khloe’s new beau French Montana.

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Twitter soundcloud.jpg

Twitter have made some major announcements this year — a new user layout and the upcoming launch of the very first real-time Billboard chart — but the biggest one may still to come. According to Re/code, the social media giant is “considering” a deal to purchase SoundCloud.

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Kanye West’s longtime comrade Ibn Jasper threw up a very interesting IG post last night. According to Kanye’s longtime friend/creative consultant, Yeezy designed a Reebok sneaker 8 years that was reappropriated into an adidas shoe when it was bought out. Ibn snapped a picture of the adidas ZX 850 which was first released in 2013 with this message: “I remember when Kanye designed this shoe for Reebok 8 years ago… Adidas bought Reebok… They reworked the design for David Beckham… Funny how things work out…”

Let’s just hope no one at either company catches any feelings over this.

Check out the shoe below…


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