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As sure as he’ll overthrow a WoMD-wielding villain with nothing more than exploding gadgets and heaps of charm, James Bond has always bagged himself a beauty (lucky guy, huh?). From Honor Blackman to Halle Berry, the Bond movies have starred seriously pretty faces over the last 50 years. And could Rihanna be next in line?

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This is definitely one of the sadder divorce reports we’ve had to post. According to TMZ, Amber Rose has filed for divorce from her husband, Wiz Khalifa. The couple officially got married last summer and have a son together, Sebastian, who turns two next February. Divorce papers obtained by the reported says Amber cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for divorce, and that she is seeking full legal and physical custody of their 1-year-old son (with visitation rights).

Miss Info: I know there have been rumors of some Amber and Nick Cannon connection. And in the past year, there have been other grumblings about Wiz Khalifa, with folks pointing at various instagram photos and captions. But despite all that, I am honestly really surprised by this split. Maybe it was the seemingly grounded way that both husband and wife navigated their very public relationship from the dating stage, to engagement, to pregnancy, to marriage. Maybe it was the way that Wiz never wavered in his open adoration of his wife, both in interviews, and even in one- on-one private conversation over the years and even recently. Either way…I’m sorry to see these two fall apart, and I’m sure they will do what’s best for the most important part of the equation, their son Sebastian.

Really makes you wonder if any publicized and high-profile romances can ever survive…unless the couple fully allows their union to be both personal and business. You get the sense that The Carters have that amount of control. But who else?

Update: Amber has tweeted about the ‘cheating’ rumors

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The woman reportedly assaulted at Birdman’s condo by Keyshia Cole has been the victim of mistaken identity in the “unwarranted” attack. According the TMZ, the victim’s name is Sabrina Mercadel and, allegedly, she’s been a Cash Money employee for over a decade. Sources tell TMZ Sabrina was was walking out of a bathroom when Keyshia attacked her for no reason. Apparently, there also 4-5 other people present.

There’s also a string of deleted social media messages from Keyshia. Judging from them, I think it’s say to safe she was “on one” that night.

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dr dre detox

During his recent interview on writer Jeff Weiss and rapper Nocando’s “Shots Fired” podcast, Dawaun Parker shared the best insight into Dr. Dre’s near-mythical Detox album we’ve had in a long time. According to the former Aftermath producer (who worked on Eminem’s Relapse and 50 Cent’s Curtis among other records), Dre actually scrapped the Detox title a couple of years ago, although he wouldn’t reveal the new name.

Parker also says that Dr. Dre has a specific plan to release his album, but he’s waiting on the right single to lead with (and this is despite not letting anything that’s below a 10/10 even get recorded). Ultimately, it’s still up to the Doc if — or when — the album will ever see the light of day. “I feel like one day, he’s gonna wake up and say, ‘today’s the day and I’ll put it out.’ Because the music’s been there,” Dawaun concludes.

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Although Royce Da 5’9″ and DJ Premier’s collaborations are relatively slim, cuts like “Boom,” “Hip Hop” and, most recently, “Second Place” are the makings of a classic catalog. Well, good news, because it looks like the pair are working on a full-length project together.

Nickel Nine and Premo just dropped an appetizing teaser video for “PRhyme,” and although it doesn’t explain what “PRhyme” is exactly, the clip sees Royce waxing poetic over a classic dusty Preem beat. However, let it be known, “this is for the real hip-hop n****s who would never, ever, ever ask me if I’m here to replace Guru.”

Stay tuned for the official announcement coming soon.

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Pharrell may have condemned his In My Mind phase as having “no purpose,” but we’re sure nobody would mind seeing him revisit his N*E*R*D days — and that might just be a reality. According to Mass Appeal, both Pharrell and Shay Haley hinted at new N*E*R*D music during P’s performance at the iTunes Festival in London last night.

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twitter buy button

Twitter had made some big changes over the last 12 months, including a completely new profile layout and the first ever real-time Billboard chart, but this latest one is easily their most commercially ambitious. Today the social network began testing a new “buy” button, a feature which allows users to purchase products — whether it be clothes, electronics or indeed music — directly from their timeline.

Pharrell, Wiz Khalifa and Eminem are among some of the early musical adopters of this new service, while brands and organizations like Home Depot, Burberry and (RED) are also onboard. The button is currently only available to a small percentage of U.S. users during its testing stage, but Twitter promise that number “will grow over time.”

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The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards are over, but while all eyes were on the main show and artists such as Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, and Usher, there were a few moments backstage that had social media buzzing. Right before going into a commercial break, cameras backstage caught Ariana Grande and Big Sean holding hands walking down a hallway. Leading up to Sunday night, rumors have been swirling about the G.O.O.D. Music rapper and pop singer being an item.

Another moment that had viewers talking happened after during the after show. As Nicki Minaj was being interviewed by MTV News’ Rob Markman, Iggy Azalea came over to congratulate Nicki on her performances. “You did great,” Azalea said to the Queen Barbz, as Minaj smiled and replied “Thank you baby.”

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Treach and Cicely, Couples Therapy VH1

I’m all for therapy… for fighting couples, for happy couples, for individuals, umm, massage therapy, light therapy, equine therapy. Whatever it is…if you can afford it, by all means, therapute the hell out of yourself. But this Couples Therapy show…is like some kind of Wipe Out obstacle course for people who are in a relationship with their own ego but also sleeping someone who is likewise attention-obsessed. And it makes for some addictively cringeworthy television.
This season, Treach Criss and his girlfriend Cicely Evans join the fun house along with the most annoying person on that one season of Jersey Shore that I watched, Deena Cortese and her man, as well as porn star Jenna Jameson and her man. Bring the sorrow.

Seems like some high drama could be in store this season…especially since Treach may be off his rocker lately. Just look at his current demand that Naughty By Nature will only perform without the affable Vin Rock. But will it be fun crazy? Or just exhausting sad crazy? I’m predicting the latter.
And there’s no chance that it will be the surreal, hilarious, charismatic crazy of last season’s breakout star Ghostface Killah

Compare Treach in the new Couples Therapy 5 trailer…
With Ghostface in his Couples Therapy 4 clips…


It looks like things are over between Chris Brown and Kurreuche and both parties have moved on. TMZ says “Karrueche has not only broken up with him … for safe measure she changed her number.” Sources tell the outlet that she has officially let go of the singer and has cut off all communication with him.

Later, Chris was photographed in St. Tropez with one of Kurreuche’s friends and wasn’t shy about it one bit.

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