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Action Bronson brings together food and family in episode number four of his eating series, Fuck, That’s Delicious. Bam Bam pays a visit to his Aunt’s house out in Sheepshead Bay to whip up a fine Baklava, before adding his own touch to the traditional recipe at the Milk Bar in Williamsburg. Then, it’s off to his native Queens to try his hand at a classic New York delicacy: pizza.

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pharrell burger

I was just flicking through Pharrell’s “Places and Spaces I’ve Been” book for a little mid-week inspiration this morning. I mean, P’s creative exploits aren’t exactly top secret, but it’s still astonishing to actually see everything he’s conceived — from The Neptunes to BBC to frigging tank chairs — across 200-plus pages. Which is why I’m even less surprised to learn that Pharrell has launched his very own burger in Japan.

The dish is as tasty (and tasteful) as you can imagine, with a seasoned burger patty covered with melted cheese, a thick slice of tomato sprinkled with chopped onions and topped with a chunky sauce, sandwiched between two crispy toasted buns. Somehow we don’t see P getting Big Mac cravings at 6 a.m. anymore.

The “Pharrell Burger” is available exclusively at his good friend NIGO’s 2-5 CafĂ© in Tokyo.

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Action Bronson’s Fuck, That’s Delicious food series back for its third episode. Here, the Queens rapper heads across the pond to sample the food in England, aka “the land of dirty sex and cheap Chinese food.” BBQ Pork Buns, spicy lamb chops and traditional scouse stew are on the menu as Bam Bam swings by London, Liverpool and Barnet, where he gets treated to a home cooked meal.

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Action Bronson’s as much a connoisseur of fine food as he his good rap. That’s why Munchies, VICE’s new food channel, decided to give the chef-turned-MC his very own food show. The premiere episode of Fuck, That’s Delicious (a title I imagine the man himself came up with) finds Bam Bam putting his tastebuds to the test in various corners of the world — from New Zealand to South Africa to his backyard of Queens. Look out for new episodes every month.

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That “VICE Eats” episode with Action Bronson was absolutely hilarious, so it’s not surprising to hear that VICE have tapped Bam Bam for his very own food show on their new Munchies channel. The brilliantly-titled “Fuck, That’s Delicious” follows the Queens MC on his world tour as he samples some of the best local cuisine — when he isn’t killing it on stage, of course. The first episode debuts next month, and makes stops at Roberta’s in Brooklyn and Eddie’s Sweet Shop in Forrest Hills, Queens.

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SPOILER ALERT (technically, I don’t think I should have to say this because the episode already aired, but just in case…)

I can’t believe it either. While watching Pitbull, who was looking like a terrible Men’s Warehouse sales model on the American Music Awards, I totally missed out one of the biggest shockers in animated TV history. Seth MacFarlane‘s flagship series Family Guy killed off one of it’s most compelling characters, Brian the Family Dog.


Not only does Brian get hit by a car–a way mundane way for a high IQ, novel-writing, cross-species-dating, tap-dancing dog to go — but Peter Griffin and family even replace him with a new dog, Vinny. Voiced by Tony Sirico. So, basically a dog version of Paulie Walnuts. Maron!

Vinny-the-new-dog-Family-Guy Vinny-Tony-Sirico-Family-Guy

Watch the sad Family Guy montage of key Brian moments as he lays on his final veterinarian office deathbed…and the executive producers explanation for killing off TV’s smartest canine.

2 chainz cookbook

Anyone who follows 2 Chainz’s Instagram will be familiar with his super healthy diet. In a recent radio interview, the Codeine Cowboy explained that “huge stomach issues” require him to eat good. So good, in fact, that he’s decided to release his very own 26-page #MEALTIME (get it?) cookbook in conjunction with his B.O.A.T.S. II: ME Time album, which drops tomorrow (September 10). Whether you’re a lover of seafood, chicken or good ol’ shrimp and grits, 2 Chainz has got you covered with lean, mean and tasty recipes.

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Kris Jenner might have a slew of titles under the belt (manager, mogul, talk show host, mother, wife), but “a drink” hasn’t been one of them — until now. In a recent visit to her new talk-show, KRIS, Diddy Claus surprised the Jenner queen by naming a drink after her. “The GLAMA,” as it’s called, looks like a refreshing Summer thirst-quencher for all the glamorous grandma’s out there enjoying retired life.

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Not sure what this goat zeitgeist is all about. But these stinky, noisy, farm animals are friggin’ everywhere. Goats schilling for Doritos, Goat’s milk kefir > Gogurt, Goats yelling like humans. And now, Tyler the Creator has directed a series of Mountain Dew soda commercials, starring a belligerent (I guess that’s the baseline personality for goats anyways) goat named Felicia.
Um. Ok.

Watch Tyler’s Felicia The Goat x Mountain Dew clip…
But more importantly…watch the “goats screaming like humans” video.
No comparison!!!

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eddie huang

The homie Eddie Huang, a.k.a. Mr. Fresh Off the Boat, made his TED Fellowship official last night as he gave a speech at the TED 2013 conference in Long Beach, California. The restauranteur-slash-writer-slash-hip-hop nerd recalled his first encounter with racism, and explained how his initial reaction — to fight back and distance himself from the dominant culture — only served to isolate him. It was on a trip to Taiwan when he realized that living without these barriers would allow him to live a full and free life. Always with the dope insight. Check out some audience-filmed footage of Eddie’s speech below.

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