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drake hot sauce packet

Drake has had everyone and their grandmother chanting, “Started from the bottom now we here” this year, but it appears his one-liners have impacted pop culture more than we first thought. Last night, Drizzy Instagrammed a picture of a Taco Bell hot sauce packet which borrowed his “Started From the Bottom” lyric. The packets are known for their quotes which, as our friends at Complex expertly put it, “are a cross between Fortune Cookie messages and TextsFromLastNight.”

Hey, if this rap thing doesn’t work out, there’s always a job writing hot sauce packet notes, Aubrey! (Nah, we can’t see that ever happening either).

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These Def Jam artists are stepping up their video blog games lately, first 2 Chainz and now Fabolous. In support of his new “So NY” street anthem, ‘Livin’ Good Loso’ presents a new vlog campaign themed around the city he grew up in. For the first installment, Fab takes us to one of his favorite restaurants, Sons of Essex located in the Lower East Side. Opening in 2011, owner Matt Levine speaks on the hot spot and offers some of their favorite dishes for Fabolous to try. Nation‘s right, Loso may have another career on his hands.

Fabolous’ The S.O.U.L. Tape 2 arrives on Thanksgiving.

Watch the debut of Fab’s “So NY” campaign after the jump…..


The last time we left off, Justin Bieber was flowing over Gang Starr’s DWYCK with Hot 97’s morning crew. During a visit to Bootleg Kev’s show on Hot 97.5 in Las Vegas, the Biebster let off some raps from the top to Biggie Smalls’ “Who Shot Ya.”

After the jump, watch McDonald’s latest commercial which features Craig Mack’s “Flava In Ya Ear”…..


aka… low.

Well Nigel from RealTalkNY sent over this post which details the ongoing straight f–kery between Bow Wow (see image below) and two video/cheesecake models Dollicia Bryan (King mag cover) and Rita G (Kanye’s original Flashing Lights video)… From what I can surmise from this completely ladylike buffoonery, Bow Wow got mad about the fact that these gals were on my friends Angela Yee and Leah Rose’s Sirius show, and during all the girl talk they traded funnies about encounters with Bow Wow. So, being the big busy star that he is, Bow Wow felt the urgent need to videotape a response….

Dollicia and Rita G trade Bow Wow tales (around 4 minute mark)

Bow Wow responds with trademark hand flourishes.

His response was odd because: 1) Bow Wow feels like he’s proving something by showing footage of Dollicia in his studio or office. But if there had been any romantic monkeybusiness, wouldn’t that be the footage he’d be showing off?? All that showed was a woman in a place and not feeling very proud about it. 2) Bow wow deflects Rita G’s story by changing the topic to who has more money or status. Which is moot. There many events during an All-star Weekend, and not all of them take place in a stadium with ticketed seats. So the fact that Bow Wow didnt really remember propositioning Rita during a party during that weekend, isn’t surprising…that he was so publicly involved with Ciara at the time, just reiterates what a pig he was to her. 3) Bow Wow’s last ditch attempt to save face by asking for sex from either or both of these women is the low point of this greek tragedy. For one, it contradicts his earlier statement by hinting that he has never “closed the deal” with Dollicia. For two, it means that he still yearns to get close to another woman who just publicly ridiculed him. Classic battered woman syndrome ; )

(confession: rainy sundays are still no excuse for analysis of this type of bulls–t. I’m ashamed. And I apologize. LOL)

Too bad nobody is buying copies of the dang marriage.

Sohh’s YaHeard posted this interesting video clip of Usher on TRL. He started out promoting his album…..but then he got all Tom Cruise couch-jumping, and the tweens got scared.


PS: Lol @ how Usher acts like being 40 is like some venereal disease…..Tameka is only a few years away from that, so way to make her self-conscious, homes.

Weezy has mastered the pseudo-humility charm….LOL@the guy who asks the question about Trina. HAHAHAA….

thanks to the homies at whatspoppin for the link. Who’s this Dominique that Juelz Santana stole from Yung Berg? Lol. Sounds about right.

On a sidenote….”be a father to your son” Ed O.G…..ha!


Smacktube send over this link. I think Lil Wayne and 50 have settled their differences so I wonder if Weezy specified that he wanted no part in the 50-Joe beef?

Another thing….is this a videoshoot? I can’t quite tell. It looks almost like a listening party. But then there’s these chicks in their Wednesday drawers. I’m confused. And is Kar the new name of Terror Squad or just a separate group? What I do know is that those girls sound like pure poultry. Just watching them talk gives me arthritis.

(from the best “Lost” blog out, on Entertainment Weekly’s website)

my favorite part is Hurley “freakin’ it in Korean”…..”Moh?”

why, Dunny (via NCB), why do you do this to me? It’s hard enough battening down the hatches before Hurricane Inga gets home, and now I have deal with R.Kelly as Goldilocks burnt into my brain. Pick one nursery tale character and stick to it, Kels.

Then again, maybe this is all part of R’s plan to drive Sisqo off the ledge.


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