There may be more famous and more exciting power couples in the hip hop hemisphere…but my vote for purely best looking goes to ASAP Rocky and his supermodel girlfriend Chanel Iman. Just look at these cheekbones! For all the stereotypes about haughty snotty models, and all the stereotypes about surly asshole rappers…in all my experiences, Chanel and Rocky have been the total opposite. If you’ve watched the recent Noisey documentary about Rocky, you can see some of the endearing personality I’m talking about. And as for Chanel…I remember this one time when Rocky excited introduced me to her as “his other favorite woman” and she never turned up her nose or gave me the side-eye. She was very warm and sweet. Months later, Rocky had to do a string of interviews for the BET Awards in LA, I noticed Chanel sitting in the hallway, on the floor, very content, just waiting for her BF for over an hour…like she wasn’t one of the most photographed women in fashion. Kind of amazing.

Anyways, it was only a matter of time for these two to end up with their own Vogue Magazine editorial…and I can see them as cover subjects too. Fashion fan Fucci posted scans of their Vogue September 2014 shoot, spotted on Complex Style Channel.

t.i. the game police standoff.jpg

T.I. and The Game got into a heated standoff with police outside a club in L.A. early Wednesday morning. According to TMZ, the rappers mistakenly believed the cops beat up some of their friends, who they discovered with injuries from a previous altercation after leaving the Supperclub.

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Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 7.05.50 PM

My big homie over at Hot97, Funkmaster Flex is a jack of many trades and on tonight’s show, he announced that he is launching Project Kixx, a “sneaker,
fashion and lifestyle destination.” He’s keeping the store location underwraps, but there will also be an online shop.

“I’m very excited to bring all things I’m passionate about and be able to get exclusively to the
masses.”-Funk Flex

Props to my girl Tiff the Stylist, Bobby Trends, Tat Wza, DJ Juanyto, who are also reportedly involved in one way or another.

The full press release,
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50 cent steve stoute

It was a pretty routine evening at MSG last night — by that I mean the Knicks lost their fifth game in a row, falling 126-103 to the Warriors. One slice of entertainment, however, came from courtside when 50 Cent appeared to confront Steve Stoute. The two have, shall we say, history (Stoute dropped Fiddy from Sony/Columbia back in 2000 following his shooting), but just this week, Stoute appeared on Hot 97 and passed a few not-so-flattering comments about Curtis Jackson:

50 hasn’t had a hit in a really long time. He has not made anything musically that has changed anything in a very really long time. I feel like he’s always gearing up for something that never happens.

You’re a brave man, Steve, we’ll give you that.

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Having had the pleasure of spending time IRL with actors Gabrielle Union and Romany Malco, I know first-hand how stomach-crampingly hilarious these two both are. They star in the upcoming Think Like a Man 2, which hits theaters on June 20th, along with Kevin Hart, LaLa Anthony, Terrence J, Fonzworth Bentley, the hysterical stand-up comedian Gary Owen (he plays “the white friend” lol), and more. In this sequel to the 2012 hit, Think Like a Man, the crew of friends hit Las Vegas (a la The Hangover) for a bachelor’s/bachelorette’s weekend.

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Cam’ron and his wifey JuJu made their runway debut, closing out the Mark McNairy Autumn/Winter 2014 fashion show today at the Eyebeam Gallery in NYC. Last year, Cam and JuJu joined me to watch the McNairy Show, where Pusha T was a guest model. This year, they were the stars of the show.

We already posted photos of Cam walking in his Dipset x McNairy custom-made capes, but now you can watch it yourself! We caught video of Cam’s finale, as well as sneak peeks from the celebratory scene backstage where Cam and Juju hung out with Dame Dash, Jim Jones, Smoke DZA, Mark McNairy, RMH’s Raquel Horn, Angie Martinez, Cipha Sounds, Victor Cruz, Ronnie Fieg, and the whole McNairy/BPMW team.

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Action Bronson’s a big guy, and he’s not scared to throw his weight around (literally). During a show in Portland last night, Bam Bam offered the fade to one poor security guard. Security approached the burly MC on stage after he lit a joint, before getting put on his ass by two swift and mighty shoves. It looked like the show was put on hold for a minute, but that clearly didn’t bother the crowd.

Just this past weekend, Bronson showed off more moves in his arsenal at a show in Seattle. After one particularly gutsy fan climbed on stage, Bam Bam charged at him like a bull who just saw a red cape and launched him back into the crowd. People just don’t learn, do they?

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Pharrell at the Grammys, 2014

Miss Info: As we recap and rehash the Grammy Awards from Sunday night, the two big stories are still…

1) Are you butt-hurt that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis swept all the rap categories? (And do you also remember that just a week ago, many of today’s same angry mob was indignant that Macklemore was almost not in the rap categories because the Grammy committee thought he was too pop. Grrr! Hulk no accept hypocrisy of rap twitter trending emotions!)
2) Pharrell killed it last night, winner winner winner! Oh, but even better was the fact that he did it while wearing a totally absurd oversized Canadian Mounted Police type hat! It was like the Arby’s sign. It was like Smokey the Bear’s. It was Curious George’s human handler’s hat…and so on.

But even though Pharrell told MTV that he was running late for the Grammys so he just grabbed “this old thing” out of his closet…we know that’s totally impossible. Pharrell probably planned this entire outfit out, hip hop historian-style. Pharrell’s hat originally appeared in Malcolm Mclaren’s 1982 video for the song “Buffalo Gals.” Just watch how fashion-forward the girls look in that video, here. The hats and influential styling was done by McLaren’s girlfriend, British designer Vivienne Westwood, who still makes the “felt mountain hats” today.



Malcolm McLaren, World’s Famous Supreme Team, and “Buffalo Gals”, 1982

But now that Pharrell’s 2014 Grammy hat will forever be remembered and meme-ed as a major pop culture x fashion moment…it seems like a good time to remind everyone that Skateboard P has been a fearless pioneer in the hatwear wilderness ever since he hit the music spotlight. The “Buffalo Gals” hat wasn’t even his most outrageous hat of the past six months…
What about this lynx fur number?

Pharrell in fur hood at Moncler, 2013

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Dipset Fan Club Alert:
Our buddy A-Trak just posted this mysterious teaser on Instagram… so what is this all about?


wale complex

Leave Wale off your end-of-year list, and receive an angry phone call full of threats. That’s what Complex Magazine discovered on Wednesday afternoon as the MMG rapper phoned Associate Editor Insanul Ahmed and expressed his outrage that The Gifted wasn’t included on their list of 50 Best Albums of 2013. Folarin’s emotions escalated over the three-minute call as he accused Complex of holding a personal bias and favoring albums like Juicy J’s Stay Trippy over his, before threatening physical violence.

I swear to God I’ll come to that office and start knocking n****s the f*ck out. Alright. I’ll see y’all tomorrow. Get the security ready.

We’re not going to sit here and pretend like this kind of thing hasn’t been happening since the dawn of hip-hop journalism, but threatening a publication and its staff for not giving your music love is no laughing matter. Come on, Wale.

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