On sports desks across the country, NBA reporters are discussing more than just the Celtics win over the Knicks at The Garden. Things got heated on the court between Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett last night as the two trashed talked and got physical throughout the game. They would eventually both receive technicals for their actions. Allegedly, their feud got so personal that Melo told KG he would be waiting for him after the game. It sounds like some playground talk but cameras caught the Knicks star waiting by the Celtics bus afterit was over. Anthony was reportedly shouting loudly and acting aggresive but with  police presence nothing escalated. There’s rumors that KG made comments about LaLa, but we can’t be sure at this point. Do you think Melo would have tried to fight KG?
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MissInfo: This is all besides the point….the only part about this story that I really care about is the alleged trashtalk slander that Kevin Garnett allegedly said to Carmelo Anthony during this game that allegedly sent Melo into a complete rager…..


My favorite rumor of the year so far….
and a highlight clip from the Knicks vs. Celtics game…
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MissInfo: This is being reported on multiple blogs…that doesn’t mean it’s true. But in this case, it is hilarious. (via BroBible)

[Kevin] Garnett allegedly told the Knicks star that his wife LaLa “tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios.”
If you’re sitting there thinking, “Hey, Honey Nut Cheerios are delicious, so what’s so bad about that,” allow me to link to the all-knowing Urban Dictionary to provide context.
Yes, we live in a world where “Honey Nut Cheerio” has three different accepted sexual connotations. That’s amazing.
Garnett is among the greatest trash talkers of all time, so it’s a little disappointing that this is the jab that created the ruckus. The Cheerios people, on the other hand, must be ecstatic over the free press.

Remember how during the height of Sex and the City‘s popularity, it was a thing for women to identify themselves as a “Carrie,” a “Samantha,” etc? Please please let this become a thing too! Are you a “Fruit Loop”? I’m a “Count Chocula”!
Ok, back to the far less interesting sportsy part of the story….

Knicks’ Anthony waits for Garnett by team bus