Does this woman look like she’s having fun?

After presenting an award at the Golden Globes on Sunday night, in full body cake frosting….Jennifer Lopez hit the post-award party scene with her dancer-boytoy Casper Smart (not to be confused with her dancer-ex-husband Cris Judd). But where there are stars doing their best to appear photogenic while celebrating their charmed life…where there are sparklers, there will be one man who embodies the life of any corporate-sponsored bash.

Jennifer should have known this day would come…when her past bedfellow would be facing off with her current rawhide chew. But in the mano y mano pissing contest, who looks like they got the upper hand?

J-Lo, this is your life…
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How would you caption this moment? There’s so many beautiful things happening here. The white knuckles of Jennifer’s iron-grip on her clutch. The aggressive back of Diddy’s hand pressing into Casper’s sternum. The fiberglass molds of forced grins on both men’s mugs. (source: The Sun)
What’s the big deal, though?

Now if it had been an unplanned collision between J-Lo, Jennifer Garner, and Salma Hayak at the coat check?…grab a vest!

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