Vine may not be for everyone but it’s sure catching on like wildfire in the social media and hip-hop world (remember: cinegram?). There’s a gang of rappers on the app but after just one day of Vine posts, there’s already a king. His name is Cam’ron and you know him quite well if you been on this blog before. Instead of cliche rapper clips, Killa and his girl JuJu went all out for one hilarious hood love story, broken down into 6 second clips. As Info said, “it’s like he has 15 seconds more than the rest of us.” This is a must watch.

Watch the love story unfold below…

Scene 1: “Bitch where u been?”- Cam

Scene 2:” Dat’s ya ass” – Cam

Scene 3: “I’m reloaded n*gga”- JuJu

Scene 4: “Me and JujJ_ makin up. Dancing merengue!!” – Cam

Scene 5: “Took it to the club real quick” – Cam