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It’s a match made in heaven…and I’m not even talking about Cam’ron and his girlfriend JuJu, or Cam’ron and his arch-nemesis Cousin Bang. I’m talking about Cam’ron and Vine.
Last week, Killa killed the 7-second video app on his first day with an account, documenting War and Peace (and spanish dancing) with his wifey Julie. Best Vine debut in the game? Has to be.
But for their encore, the couple shoot a fair one with good ol’ Cousin Bang. Oh, and Cam’s cape makes a comeback.

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Watch Cam’ron’s latest Vine movie…all on a single easy-to-watch video!
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The players:
Cam’ron: Vine account Mr_Camron
Julie: Vine account IAMJuJu_
Cousin Bang: Cousin Bang (twitter name @CouzinBang)

The Full Cam’ron x Cousin Bang x JuJu Movie (Edited Together By Mr. North!):

oh my god at all of this.

If you want to see how it was posted on Vine….
PART 1: “Cousin Bang and Iamjuju_ get into it.”

PART 2: “Iamjuju_ shoots @couinbang. Directed by @instarek”

PART 3: “Shit got real Cousin Bang, Iamjuju_,”

PART 4: “Muthafucka!!!”

PART 5: “Peace offering. #stevieJeyes no homo”

PART 6: “The Smoke off!!!”

PART 7: “My family!! Cousin Bang, Iamjuju_, INSTAREK “They call it murder” THE END”

Cam’ron’s First Day on Vine: A Love Story (Video)