Major props to Complex for this Cam’ron interview. I’ve literally laughed out loud every 45 seconds or so while watching it for the first time. As a part of their ongoing Individuals web series, Killa answers some hialrious questions like: his most embarassing moment, the biggest risk he has ever taken, which celeb he wants to meet the most and much more. But the craziest part has to be when Cam talks about the time he got so drunk that he accidently peed the bed with a chick still in it…

“This was awhile ago. I took a girl home from the club the first time I ever met her. I was pissy drunk,” he says. “So we get in the bed, we do what we do. We fall asleep. I wake up. And you know how you just wake up, and I’m like, ‘I know I didn’t just pee on myself.'” Facing a dilemma, Cam went into action. “You gotta think quick in this scenario. So I run to the bathroom, I get a cup of water, and I sit down on the bed and act like the water spilt in the bed.”

watch the interview clip below…


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