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After stealing the show at Mark McNairy’s Autumn/Winter 2014 fashion show at New York Fashion Week on Tuesday, Cam’ron and JuJu stripped off their Dipset capes (and more) for a special Valentine’s Day photo shoot for V Magazine. The cute couple talked about how they first met, shared their most romantic moments and gave advice to other couples. Veering away from the lovey dovey stuff for a second, Cam also announced he’ll be releasing five songs a month for six months starting April 1, plus 25-minute episodes of his new “First of the Month” series.

Right now we’re getting ready to film a movie, ‘Percentage 2,’ at the end of March. A lot of people don’t know, but Netflix gave Queen Latifah a ten movie deal and she gave me a few movies to shoot with them. One of the movies was ‘Percentage’ and that came out already, so we’re getting ready to shoot part two. And then I have a series called “First of the Month” and I’m doing something new where every month I’ll put out a 25-minute episode and five songs along with it. So it’s kind of like a soap opera, but it’s not every week. With music, I’m seeing that there’s always music coming out, and kids aren’t going to wait a year for a new record, so you have to be consistent, so this is a new formula I’m trying. Put out five songs a month for six months. A movie with it, with videos also. So I’ll release it April first, first of the month, and then I’ll put out an EP with five or six songs also.

Watch a clip from Cam’ron and JuJu’s interview below, and read the full thing here.

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