Cam’Ron appears on the cover of Mass Appeal‘s 54th issue, which hits newsstands later this month. Aside from the fact that it features Cam, which is obviously amazing, the cover features the trippy artwork of Todd James (aka REAS), the graffiti and art legend who conceptualized Miley Cyrus’ smoked-out VMA performance with teddy bears last year.

In the cover story with Sacha Jenkins, Killa Cam speaks on the various projects he has coming this year, taste in fashion, his cape line, the chances of doing a reality show, the V Magazine shoot with girlfriend JuJu, and the new wave of rappers from Harlem. Check out some excerpts and go behind-the-scenes of Cam’s shoot, including an appearance from Dame Dash below.

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Mass Appeal: It’s been a minute and it seems like you’re about to flood the game and people are really excited about this. What’s been going on?

Cam’ron: Just setting everything up. Music has changed and it’s always fun, but I like to make money while I’m making music, so I just had to figure out a new strategy. Things are changing and if you don’t change with the times you gon get stuck in the past. I’ve been working on this thing called “The First of the Month.” I’m putting out an EP every month with a 30-minute episode so you’re not waiting a year or more for the next album.

So every month, there’s gonna be a half hour long what?

It’s kinda like a show version of Killa Season. Instead of spending money on one movie, every month you have something new to look forward to.

So what is your work schedule like, you’re putting out all this music every month…

That’s just one thing that’s next. Me and Dame have been working. I got back with Dame and it’s a pleasure, that’s my big brother. We just put out the Diplomat clothing line which has been great. We got a project called Federal Reserve with A-Trak that he put together. I didn’t know who A-Trak was and he’s like, “Trust me Cam, you need to do this.” He’s working with Smoke DZA and I’m helping him out with that, we’re going to do a project eventually. We got a fur line coming. We got a lot of stuff going on.

Fashion’s always been a big part of your steez and right now you have this whole cape thing going on. What’s the fascination there and how has it transitioned into a business?

I didn’t do it to prove a point or for anybody to start wearing it. Same with the pink thing, I just did it cause I didn’t want to go to the club and look like nobody and I knew nobody was going to question me about it, if they did, they didn’t do it to my face. Same thing with the capes; if the girls like it, I think it’s cool. I didn’t put capes on so everybody can be wearin’ capes, I’m wearin’ capes so I don’t have to be lookin’ like everybody. But if it turns into a business, we’ll see what happens.

So if everyone starts wearing capes then you just won’t fuck with it?

I stopped wearing pink when everyone started wearing pink. If I’m benefiting, then yeah. After that, The only thing that became a possibility -— but we didn’t follow through on — is they were thinking about doing a Cam’ron pink with Crayola.

And what happened with that?

We couldn’t get the business done. Sometimes it happens. But it’s no hard feelings. I was honored.


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