One small step for Cam’ron, one giant leap for hip hop! Thanks to all the twitter pals who sent me this clip (via Breedon and Dipset4eva) from a recent episode of Jeopardy….where Alex Trebek asks, with a straight face:

Screen shot 2011-10-13 at 4.05.33 PM

I love that some downtrodden TV trivia writer, locked up in a smelly cubicle, rose to the occasion by not only creating a semi-challenging question….but one with a classic visual to go along with the answer!

Joon! Bret! Adam! Come on, slimes, you’re supposed to know this! LOL!

PS: On a more serious note, today marks the one year anniversary of our friend Huddy 6’s (aka Huddy Combs) death. I’m definitely thinking of his warm spirit and infectious laugh today. Thank you to his friends and family (especially, his sister Cherise) for letting us know that at 8pm tonight, there will be a candlelight celebration of Hud’s memory up on 143rd and Lenox Ave (by his mural).

There’s also a new Harlem World mixtape dedicated to Huddy 6…
Download it after the jump…

New Mixtape: Harlem World “The 6 Tape (A Tribute To Huddy)”

Thank you to Suga J. for the music link!

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