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An LA Judge ruled that the “vandalism” charges that Kanye West got when he spazzed on obnoxious paparazzi at LAX will be dropped as soon as he and manager Don C (Don Crowley) finish up their 50 hours of community service. They’ve reportedly already finished 12 hours of anger management classes and reimbursed 2 TMZ photographers for the equipment that was broken in the 2008 incident.

However, Ye’s lawyer also took the opportunity to say that her clients were “wildly overcharged” for the incident, and, according to TMZ

“West’s lawyer, Blair Berk, delivered a blistering attack on the paparazzi, scolding them for inciting celebs, going to churches for intrusive shots…”


Faux-Transcribing the scuffle between Kanye West and the Paparazzi at LAX