wow….so not only does Christina Milian have to suffer the humiliation of seeing her husband and baby father, The Dream, cheating on her with his own personal assistant Melissa Marie…..but we, the innocent public, have the image of these two porpoises doing remedial kama sutra in the ocean.

double indignity.

And just to think that a year and a half ago, it was The Dream was canoodling with Christina in Maui. Let’s compare the visuals.
Picture 9Picture 60

Picture 63Picture 62
I must be doing something wrong in my life because I’ve never been courted with a sensual headlock on a tropical island. *deep sigh*

UPDATE: Soon after the photos leaked, Christina Milian reacted on twitter….and basically agreed with the general consensus….

UPDATE 2: Now The Dream’s reps have released a statement to US Magazine, claiming that he and Christina have been “separated” since late 2009…..word?

read both, Christina’s reaction and Dream’s statement….after the jump

UPDATE 1: Christina Milian’s reaction after the photos leaked this morning…..
Picture 70

UPDATE 2: The Dream’s statement to Us Magazine

“Terius ‘The-Dream’ Nash is saddened to announce that his marriage to Christina Milian was unsuccessful. The couple reached this decision in late 2009, but decided to keep the news private in efforts to protect their baby daughter Violet. They ask for consideration and respect for their family moving forward”

So basically DreaMilian split up at the end of 2009, while Christina was pregnant with their daughter Violet, and just 3 months after their princess-diaries wedding ceremony in Rome. Dude, you don’t break up after you’ve worn equestrian boots with your woman. It’s just not right.

Let’s look at more from the world’s least sensual love affair….(via Fame via Rap-Up)

Picture 61
This is an old photo of Dream’s assistant/cutbuddy hanging out with the boss’ lady.

UPDATE 3: Speaking of Fif, I love my boys over at G-Unit, but one of them needs to check whoever at Thisis50 blatantly ripped off my post. I don’t mind folks sampling and I’ve always showed them love so all I expect is some proper credit.

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