When smart people unite over their love of hip hop, we get unique, funny, edu-tainment gems like Nardwuar’s interview series, or Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake’s History of Rap, It’s the Real’s skits, and more…
Now the perfect gift for the witty rap fan (or artistic youngster) in your life is the Rap Coloring and Activity Book by our Houston buddy Bun B and Shea Serrano (artist/writer, check out his Grantland column on coaching junior high football). The book is available on Amazon now, also there’s a tumblr!

You know you’re already doodling all over your TPS reports at work, so why not procrastinate by coloring in the single greatest awkward magazine cover of all time….

Another of my favorite “activity pages” from the book…
Plus a special treat from one of the authors…
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Um…in case, you don’t remember the original version of that 2011 Drake x Source Magazine cover. Still amazed an image of a man taking a painful crap and using his jewelry to keep from crying out for help actually made it to print. Amazed and thankful.

“Bewildered…Despondent.” HILARITY.

Oh and Bun B. and Shea have gotten tons of great press, including:
Bun B on His Hip-Hop Coloring Book and Activity Guide (Jeff Rosenthal, Vulture)
A Tempered Measured Review of Bun B’s Rap Coloring and Activity Book (lol, by Shea Serrano himself, Noisey)

Oh, and humble brag city, right ‘chea…..

Thank you very much, Shea. Congrats Bun and Shea!

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