Sources at the Atlanta Federal Courthouse and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution report that judge has revoked T.I.’s probation, and ordered him to serve 11 months in following his arrest for drug possession in Los Angeles on Sept 1, 2010.

In that incident: T.I. and his wife, Tiny, were pulled over in their Rolls Royce after an illegal u-turn on Sunset Blvd. And as a result: “…a U.S. probation officer alleged that T.I. committed three violations of his supervised release from prison: possessing ecstasy, testing positive for opiates and associating with a convicted felon.” (source)

Today, Judge Charles Pannell Jr. was very harsh in his criticism….telling the court: “I think Mr. Harris had had about the limit of second chances…The worst thing is this case was an experiment…You certainly dumped a lot of smut on the whole experiment.“(source)

RELATED: Just a few hours after appearing in court, T.I. released a song (featuring Chris Brown) that seems to address his feelings of remorse. “Get Back Up”: “Apologies to my fans and my closest friends
for lettin’ you down”

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T.I. just finished a yearlong bid and 1000 hour community service obligation after his 2007 high-profile gun charge, but he was still on parole, which forbids arrests, drug use, and being in the company of known felons. And one of T.I.’s longtime friends, C-Rod, was in the car with him in L.A. and has a prior conviction. Bloggers SandraRose and Freddyo tweeted from the courtroom today that the judge admonished T.I. for his drug use, and brought up his entire arrest history. Meanwhile, Tip’s 6-man legal team said that T.I.’s drugs were prescribed after he had a dental procedure.

T.I. left the court with his family and will immediately launch an appeal. The U.S. Attorneys office says that T.I. will voluntarily surrender. Just a few days ago, T.I. helped counsel a man who was threatening to jump off the roof of an Atlanta radio station. He recorded a cellphone video and met with the distraught man.

MSNBC adds that in court…“T.I. begged the judge not to send him back to prison, saying he needed to get help for drug addiction. He told the judge he “screwed up” and pleaded for mercy.”
AJC reports that the State asked that T.I. be sent back to prison for 2 years. However, Tip’s lawyer Steve Sadow asked for “six months of home confinement during which [T.I.] would attend an inpatient drug rehabilitation program.
Freddyo adds photos from outside the courtroom and more details on T.I.’s speech to the judge: ”I want drugs out of my life. If I can get the treatment and counseling I need … I can beat this…I need help. For me, my mother, my kids, I need the court to give me mercy.
More details in the AJC about the details of Tip’s LA arrest and court proceedings

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