Mikey: How I ended up in this position and not Info is still beyond me, but this past Sunday I hopped on a plane for Barbados with little idea of what I was getting myself into. Sure, it was a press trip set up through one of the homies at VIBE but details were limited and my flight was pushed back several times due to some mix-ups with the Barbadian government, who was sponsoring the trip.

Upon landing in Bridgetown on Sunday afternoon, the PR chick who set up the trip informed me that she just flew Amber down and booked her at the same hotel as us. Honestly, I took this with a grain of salt at first… until I walked down to the beach and was introduced… (again)

more on my booty and the beach day and photos of Amber in Barbados after the jump…

After being greeted cordially by Amber and her team, we all laid out for a while and made some small talk. Yea, I kept my cool! As I walked around the beach a bit trying to comprehend what was going on, I nearly stepped on a big blue and purple-ish jellyfish. Unfortunately, I missed out on the photo op, but Amber said she would Twitpic (hasn’t happened yet). Luckily a Rasta came by and gave us some details on the creature and told Amber someone would have to pee on her if she stepped on it. She didn’t seem thrilled, but I felt like I saved the day. Ha!

A bit later, one of our guides brought some jet skis down and that’s when I got to snappin’ away. And, I cant even lie Wiz’s boo was mad cool and personable. We’re supposed hit up a showcase tonight so I’ll keep yall updated on what else goes down.

I have to say though, Barbados is a beautiful island filled with beautiful people. It’s been nothing but smiles, fried flying fish and sun since I’ve been here.

(via VIBE)

You freaks can peep Amber’s topless beach pic that a pap snapped at the same beach earlier this week, right here.