Two men were fighting, wrestling, in the middle of an intersection by St. Marks Place in New York City. (By the way, if you walk around any part of this city long enough, you will see folks either abusing or arguing each other in public.) So anyways, these two men are doing the grab-waltz in the street. Some strangers were urging them to cool it. Most are just looky-looing.
Then, along strolls up Ryan “F–k Yeah” Gosling (or as the cameraphone-reporter whispers to her girlfriend, ‘the guy from The Notebook‘) with his striped tank top, inappropriate deltoids, clamdigger sweat pants…and possibly a Barney’s Co-op bag. Gosling grabs one man’s fist mid-air just as its about to come down on its victim, and firmly tells these two poor schmucks: “I’m going to help you rediscover your manhood. Do you have any idea where you could have lost it?

Thank you, Ryan Gosling.

As if I needed an excuse….I’ll rewatch this clip of Ryan stopping by the Jimmy Fallon show (after the jump), where he talks about why he recently moved to New York City, and how he had a very traumatic experience at the infamous Russian Turkish Baths on East 10th st.
Ryan FY Gosling also brought his awesome dog, George, on the show with him.
COME ON! *throws up arms*

Gosling: “You can’t console me with my own fear!

Gosling: “…[in Crazy Sexy Love] I fancy myself some kind of a Lothario, I’m like a PG-version of that guy on the Jersey Shore, The Situation.

Now…to drown out the din of a million girls sigh-ing in unison…..
Let’s also watch this red-band trailer for the upcoming Ryan Gosling action flick Drive, directed by Nicholas Winding Refn (who did Bronson and Valhalla Rising, both of which were twisted and great). I can’t wait to see the screening with a special chat with the director at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in a few weeks! Can’t wait! (read more about the Gosling x Refn bromance)

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