Boi-1da IK

Last Wednesday, while Grammy nominated producer Boi-1da finished his Christmas shopping, I caught him on the cell to discuss a few of his current and future projects, as well as the status of Drake’s next album. (via VIBE)

How’s Drake’s new album coming along?

We were actually just up in New York working, Lil Wayne was in there, too. I gave him stuff for Tha Carter IV. Man, 2011 is going to be a good year for music. Drake’s in tip top shape and what’s amazed me is that lyrically he’s gotten better. He was already an outstanding lyricist but now I’m just in anticipation of what people are going to think when they hear his new music.

Do you think he’s out to prove himself more as a rapper and lyricist?

Yea, I know a lot of people had criticized him for singing, but I think he’s just coming back to show people why they fell in love with him, like ‘did you forget about me?.’ And it’s really coming out in his raps. It’s something I can’t even really explain it.

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You also produced Keri’s record with J. Cole, “For Buyou”.

Honestly, I love that song. Keri killed it, my boy Bei Major co-wrote and co-produced it as well. I was in the studio with Keri while she recorded her part. I remember, Polow Da Don also came and put his stamp of approval on it. But Keri came up with the whole concept and really it just followed the theme of her album. Bei Major and I kind of tried to picture the process of a chick going out with a broke dude [laughs]—all things that would tick her off. It’s song that’s really about female frustration. I think a lot of women can relate to that, any of them who have dated a broke ass guy in her life.

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