It’s pretty clear that Drake’s crew rides for each other. A few weeks ago Boi-1da made some bold statements via Twitter about Kanye after Ye supposedly cursed out Drake’s producer and right-hand man Noah “40” Shebib for “borrowing” his sound. In an interview with RealTalkNY, Boi-1da says he meant no disrespect but was just pointing out some things out.

“The tweet was just speaking about the irony Of Kanye West yelling at 40 for stealing his sound. People took it the wrong way, and thought I sent a shot. But I’m saying Kanye made a career off of  sampling Soul records. If somebody takes a sound that you started  and runs with and does their own thing with it, you should be flattered about that instead of being discouraged… He’s a legend in the game, one if the best ever. People think I took a shot at him. I dont think that’s a shot at all. I have the most respect for him.” – Boi-1da