Complex’s Editor In Chief returns with a new episode of his intimate conversation series Blueprint. In this very special episode, he talks to his good friend, John McPheters, who also happens to be the founder of New York sneaker consignment shop, Stadium Goods. Watch John explain exactly how and why he decided to take a leap of faith on the now multi-million dollar business.

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When I met @jdmurder, in early 2013, he had just started dating one of my best friends, @missinfo, and seemed to be working like 5 jobs in seemingly disparate industries (marketing with Epiphany, backend fulfillment with Flight Club, a start up that was being courted by Groupon, etc…). But what I gleaned quickly was that above all else, John was an operator. It didn't matter the nature of the business, he had a tenacity and temperament for even-keeled problem solving and win-win negotiation. Whether or not it was these talents that he leveraged into a beautiful family with Minya is not for me to say, LOL. What I can say is that when, a couple years later, John mentioned to me that he was planning to utilize his aforementioned experience into launching a consignment business of his own, the success of that business seemed like a foregone conclusion. He understood the space, the competitive opportunities, knew the key players, and demonstrated an ambition that I had not seen in his peers. So it's been with great joy that I've watched @stadiumgoods flourish over the last 18 months. To go from zero to $115mm in revenue in that period is insane. If you have 20mins and care to see what that kind of growth looks like from the inside, and learn how he linked with power players like Mark Cuban and Jack Ma, click on the link in bio and peep the new episode of BLUEPRINT.

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