Young Money’s first lady, Nicki Minaj, has been Lil Wayne‘s secret female weapon ever since he took her under his wing, but an unreleased Nicki track (that was leaked over the weekend) proves their relationship wasn’t always peaches and cream.  The “Letter To Lil Wayne,”  that allegedly dates back to 2008, claims Weezy was hesitant before officially signing the femcee to the YMCMB roster.

Rapping over Wayne’s “Something You Forgot” beat, Nicki voices her frustrations with the delayed record deal. “I still don’t know what went down with the deal,” she says. “And I been waiting on you, just give me the word.” After pressing him about his hesitance, Nicki lets her vulnerability seep through her bars. Barbie ends her letter by singing: “I’m pretending, that’s all I can do/The love I’m sending ain’t making it through to your heart.”

Listen to the “Letter to Lil Wayne,” read snippets of her emotional bars, and click through photos of their relationship through the years after the jump…

Nicki Minaj’s “Letter To Lil Wayne” Quotes:
“Every rapper need to bow to you. As a fan, man, I really am proud of you. Second of all, I gotta say thanks. You really did a lot for my out of state banks.”

“I’ve been waiting on you to give me the word… I do it for the girls who be flippin’ the bird, tryna get out the hood and get into the ‘burbs. But everything you said, was it just pretend?”

“But what I don’t understand is you told me you’d sign me if you wasn’t ready to totally get behind me?”

“You’re Harry, and I’ll always be Hermione.”

“This will be the realest shit that I ever wrote. You see me falling—why you never sent down a rope?”

“I pulled the trigger.. I done pulled the trigger. If you’re reading this letter, I pulled the trigger. I’ve been lonely.”

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