Finishing fifth place on America’s most watched television series doesn’t mean you won’t be successful.  Just ask contestant Chris Richardson, who appeared on the sixth season. Birdman announced the singer/songwriter is now on Young Money/Cash Money Records earlier today. If you remember, Baby said he was planning on signing two more acts to the YMCMB roster three days ago in an XXL Mag interview. The Young Money president said they first recognized 27-year old Virginia native on American Idol. Richardson plans on releasing his YMCMB debut in May.

Watch the full announcement after the jump.

“You might have saw him, he started off the way we recognized his talent, on American Idol. Somebody who knew him, knew us and Josh connected us,” he said. “That’s how this started, us watching his talent on TV.” – Birdman

“Being part of this team, I’m really family-oriented so just having the comradery of everyone in this label is just something so special. I can’t even explain it. But it definitely is inspiring. Every day I come into the studio and I go until I stop, really. I’m so inspired to all my label mates, everybody here are still here doing the same thing.” – Chris

Official video for Chris Ricarhson’s first single “In The Name Of Love.”

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