I know Biggie’s proud of this. The late Brooklyn don’s son, C.J., is starring alongside Will Ferrell in his upcoming flick Everything Must Go. The movie revolves around Ferrell’s character, who loses his job and struggles to get back on his feet. Somewhere in the mix, he befriends young C.J. It doesn’t really seem like the typical Will Ferrell movie but definitely looks interesting.

after the jump, check out this interesting piece on the baby featured on the cover of Ready To Die.

The NY Daily News tracked down the baby from Ready To Die.

“A high school senior who grew up in the Bronx says he’s that chubby-cheeked kid on the cover of “Ready to Die” – the acclaimed debut album by slain rapper, Notorious B.I.G.

“Every time people find out they ask me if I got a lot of money out of it,” Keithroy Yearwood, 18, told the Daily News.

He didn’t.

He made only $150 for the two-hour modeling agency shoot, where he was shot in diapers.”