(Kanye and Big Sean at the Finally Famous listening in NYC)

Big Sean and his friend, upcoming artist SayItAintTone were accused of “forcibly” touching a woman after a concert in upstate New York. The AP reported:

Rapper Big Sean faces charges in upstate New York after a woman complained she was sexually assaulted during a concert.
State park police charged the 23-year-old Detroit rapper with misdemeanor counts of forcible touching, unlawful imprisonment and sex abuse. Another Detroit man, Willie Hansbro, faces the same charges.
Police received the complaint Thursday night at Artpark State Park in Lewiston, just downriver from Niagara Falls. Anderson was performing there with rapper Wiz Khalifa.
Big Sean and Hansbro were issued appearance tickets and released on $500 bail. They’re scheduled in Niagara County Court on Sept. 6.

After reaching out to Big Sean’s team, his lawyer Scott E. Leemon sent over this short statement denying the charges:

Last night, recording artists, Sean “Big Sean” Anderson and Willie “Sayitainttone” Hansbro were arrested and then immediately released by the NY State Police in connection with an allegation made by a female who was at their concert in Lewiston, New York.
Both men were charged with misdemeanors and they both vehemently deny the allegations.
I am confident, that after further investigation, both men will be vindicated.

In more lighthearted Big Sean news…he recently sat down with Complex’s Andre Jones and named his fashion influencers, and surprisingly, Kanye is really his first choice…
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Big Sean in Complex (excerpt):

Who inspires you, fashion wise?
Don C was one of my [fashion] mentors. Ibn Jasper, Kanye, Nico, and Pharrell. When I first met Kanye, I didn’t really have that much style. I always had a style—it’s just an extension of you—but I didn’t know how to translate the style into my clothes, nor did I have all the money I needed to. [Laughs.] Sometimes you just can’t afford that shit. Even now, there’s a whole bunch of shit I can’t afford so it would be pointless for me to even get it.

When I see a belt that cost over a $1000 I’m like, “Ain’t no way I’m gonna spend like $1000 on a belt.” Even shoes, I’m not about to spend fucking $700 on some shoes, that’s just fucking ridiculous. You can make exception for the Kanye Louis Vuittons, but I ain’t even pay for those.

Has Kanye put you on to anything different art wise?
Nah, Kanye hasn’t put me on to anything art wise. But he’s into all that. It’s funny because he’ll show me some art shit and I’ll be like, “Man, you’re weird as hell.” Me and Kanye are homeys so he’ll just laugh and shit. But it’s cool though. That’s just him. He’s just being unique. That’s what he loves to do. “