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WOW!! Beyonce showed up to the MTV Video Music Awards in a flowing red gown that was uncharacteristically loose…..and according to MTV, she dropped the bomb on everyone:
Beyonce is pregnant! She and Jay-Z are expecting their first baby!

Seeing as how I just saw her drop down and get many many eagles on at the Roseland Ballroom just a few weeks ago…it’s safe to say, she is not letting morning sickness or a baby bump stop her grind. Kudos on that! Beyonce was pregnant when she did this on top of a piano!!!

How shitty must Weezy feel about that kidnap line now, lol.

More photos of Beyonce’s new pregnancy glow : )
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Remember this time when they said Beyonce was pregnant?
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Oh, and then there was this time….
Uterus Check*: Source tells RollingStone, Beyonce is not pregnant….(yet?)

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