(Geto Boys’ Willie D and a young Beyonce Knowles)

One of the cutest parts of Beyonce’s new “Bow Down/ I Been Down” double-whammy is when she waxes nostalgic about her days a young girl in Houston, listening to the Geto Boys and U.G.K, and even appearing in a Willie D video at age 14.

Nevermind that Beyonce screw-effects her voice so it sounds like a 400 pound Samoan man talking about his baby hair.
And nevermind that Beyonce was closer to 17 years old…if she’s talking about her cameo in The Geto Boys’ 1998 “Gangsta Put Me Down” video.

It’s still cute.

Watch Beyonce and her fellow Destiny’s Child original, LaTavia…
In The Geto Boys’ “Gangsta Put Me Down”…
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The Geto Boys, “Gangsta Put Me Down”, 1998. (off Da Good Da Bad & Da Ugly album)
*See Beyonce and LaTavia around the 2:10 mark*

Much love to our savvy readers, Dre HNIC and Christy for the heads up!

UPDATE: Meanwhile, another reader SR wonders if this 1997 video is what Beyonce was referring to. For one, she does appear in a parking lot. But Willie D only appears for a second. It’s actually a video for Lil O featuring Destiny’s Child “Can’t Stop.” Beyonce would have been 16 at the time. And wow…the hair!


But no matter what…My favorite young Beyonce cameo is still that epic Case video, from 1999. “Happily Ever After”?! So Good! You remember this?

Must Hear: Beyonce Chops, Screws, and Sangs: “Bow Down / I Been On” (Prod. By HitBoy/Timbaland)