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After playing Bernie Sanders during SNL‘s Democratic Debate sketch back in October, Larry David returned to Saturday Night Live with another hilarious Sanders impersonation over the weekend. What’s more, Sanders himself even joined in on the fun.

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The hilarity kicked off with a Curb Your Enthusiasm-style sketch (aptly titled “Bern Your Enthusiasm”), which spoofed Sanders’ narrow loss to Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Iowa caucuses. David-as-Sanders refuses to shake the “germ-infested hand” of one voter and politely declines to fix the dislocated shoulder of another voter who just crashed her car. Ultimately, his neuroses lead to his downfall as he sees those same people on TV celebrating Clinton’s victory.

Then came the real Bernie Sanders’ appearance on SNL as he teamed up with Larry David for a Titanic-style sketch. Scrambling for safety on the sinking ship, David argues his family’s wealth should grant him a place on the lifeboat until Sanders pops up with his “democratic socialism.”

Oh, and we can also finally confirm that Bernie Sanders and Larry David are in fact not the same person.

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