hmm, this just in….an inside source told me that Mannie Fresh was on the air with a New Orleans radio station, and he was airing out his grievances with former label Cash Money Records….Then during a commercial break, a call came in. the DJs thought it was a joke until they realized that it was Baby from Cash Money. And according to the jocks, Baby was highly upset, cursing and making threats to…well…erase Mannie. I didnt realize that their beef was still so deep, I thought that when Mannie left Cash Money, there was some bad blood over money, but then didnt Mannie reach out to Baby when he lost his sister in a tragic car crash?

Well I’ll let you know what else I hear. But I have worked with both Baby and Mannie in the past and really like both guys. Hopefully they can just agree to disagree and leave each other alone.

UPDATE: Now I’m hearing that Mannie has a new deal at Def Jam…

UPDATE 2: I spoke to DJ Wild Wayne from the New Orleans station Q-93 and here is the audio from that drama-filled Mannie Fresh interview…it was during a commercial that Baby called in and both men had a heated argument, threats were made, phones were slammed down….

Click on the link to listen:  Wild Wayne and Mannie Fresh