Here is a clip from my co-worker DJ Absolute’s show last night.


FIXED SONG….ugh! sorry, I have no idea why it was playing so fast…here’s another version that Onsmash had….apologies! OH and hopefully sometime this weekend, I’ll be able to email some of you helpful folks who offered advice in the previous post about WordPress questions! Thank you soo much!


ANOTHER NOTE… you think that Bean’s is definitely dissing Dipset/Jim Jones on this song? Or is it possible that he’s dissing The Game and/or Lil Wayne?…I was just wondering what y’all thought because Mack Mittens does mention how he doesnt know anyone in the West that respects you…so that could mean Game. And Wayne has been promoting his blood affiliation too, and he did make those comments about being better than Hov in Complex mag a few months back. BUT…if Beans is talking about Jim Jones, then it brings me back to this Cassidy song feat. Beanie and Fab….and those “Capo decap-e” rhymes….

A refresher of that song…

[audio:You already know.mp3]