(photo taken by Ryan Dombal at Jay-Z’s 2007 show at the Apollo theatre, Harlem)

When I finally went to sleep around 5am, after posting that Beanie Sigel tirade against his former mentor, I knew I’d wake up to a still burning 4-alarm fire. And sure enough, Dre/Nahright (who apparently never sleeps, lol) sent me the latest on this ugliness at around 8am…

Beanie Sigel called into his hometown Philly radio station to talk to Charlamagne tha God about Jay-Z, Dame Dash, Roc-a-fella, and “What You Talkin’ Bout” (aka “Average Cat”).

[audio:Beanie calls Charlamagne.mp3]

(Download 38minute interview here)

UPDATE: I know that a 38-minute interview is daunting, so Mikey took the time to make a brief outline of this interview…
5:47 – Not even getting a phone call when Roc was dissolving
8:00 – Dame Dash also crossed Beans on a business tip
10:50 – When Jay came to Beanie’s bail hearing on ’02, the judge asked Jay to co-sign/vouch for Bean so that he could get out. Jay said no. Beans was returned to custody.
14:50 – Did Jay-Z really call the police to kick you out of his concert?
17:55 – More on Dame crossing Beans…he says that basically Dame Dash embezzled money from the Roc camp, Jay-Z and Beanie himself.
24:45 – Beanie was locked up with 50 cent’s uncle, who was in for 15 years+. He says he saw 50 come to visit his uncle every month. 50 Cent offering him a deal and trying to get off ROC. *sigh*
28:00 – Beanie refuses to elaborate on the line in the diss song insinuating that he could say things that would make Beyonce look at her husband differently.
30:00 – Beanie says he doesn’t think Jay-Z owes him anything but a conversation. “He don’t owe me a dollar…he hustled, he made his money, he milked the game, he did was he was supposed to do…I tip my hat to him…”

ALSO: StreetHustla from Onsmash sent over the dirty version of Beanie’s song “What You Talkin’ Bout”
[audio:Beanie Sigel- What You Talkin Bout dirty.mp3]

(Download link for song)

ALSO: The Wall Street Journal Blog looked to cover the Mack vs. Hov controversy this morning….and failed. The reporter doesnt seem to listen to the song itself, quoting the rant at the end as an interview with Kay Slay. And then this: “But could it be a World Series-related feud?” There’s actually a writer there who called me a while back and was knowledgeable about hip hop. But I’ve talked to another writer who worked on their fancy glossy lifestyle magazine (which probably doesnt exist anymore) and she was clueless.

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