Beanie Sigel is out to reclaim his Broad Street Bully reputation in his ongoing beef with Meek Mill. After dropping “I’m Coming” yesterday, Beans goes back-to-back on his Philly foe with this second diss song in as many days. On “Good Night,” Mack Mittens puts away the Nicki Minaj barbs (no pun intended) and instead sets his sights on Meek’s street credibility. By the sounds of it, he’s just warming up — Beans has a third diss record locked and loaded.

You ain’t been through wars, hugging your boys cryin’/Might not make it back, but you ride? You lyin’/And that shit you write, it don’t excite me/I push your shit to the white meat/Don’t you ever think you’re like me/I’m the dad you never had/What’s your problem n*gga? I’m like your father figure/And with that being said, daddy’s here to put the kids to bed/Now get your ass upstairs/And I better not hear that TV on/S.P. chasing n*ggas with that D.C. on.

Listen below…

Beanie Sigel “Good Night” Lyrics (via Genius):

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