(twitpic of Beanie onstage by Modjj)

Last night was the Powerhouse show in Philly, with Jay-Z the headliner, Trey Songz for the ladies and more….but before that D-Block tore it down just like they did the Nahright/Onsmash show earlier this week. This time they had my boy Sheek Louch with them. I happen to think they put on one of the top hip hop stage shows in the biz. Anyways, at the end of their set, Beanie Sigel jumped out to the surprise of his hometown crowd. He performed, “In the Air” and then…according to multiple sources….Beans started spitting his own a-capella version of Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 intro. In the original rhyme, Hov says, “Grown men, they want me to sit them on my lap. But I ain’t got no beard and Santa Claus ain’t black” Beanie alluded to that by saying that he’s not on Santa’s sack and that Santa can’t come in his house…and capped it off with a few “I run this town“s.

Maybe it’s was all about hometown pride, or maybe he just did it because he loved that Blueprint 3 intro….Not sure. The intent of the freestyle is debatable. The feelings it left, less so. But it wasn’t accidental because, reportedly, Beans repeated the same verse after the show as well.

After the jump, you can see footage of D-Block’s performance (but not Beanie’s verse), as well as some twitter reactions from the crowd…

Update: here is the withheld footage of Beanie spitting his anti-Hov verse backstage.

Shout to Bizkit, he also posted clips of Jeremih and Trey Songz performing at Powerhouse…

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