joli oshayarie goode

(Max B Publicist-A, Joli Oshay…VS…Max B Publicist-B, Arie Goode)

On Thursday night, a publicist named Joli Oshay offered a statement about Max B, regarding a shooting altercation that allegedly happened the night before.

Early this morning, another publicist, Arie Goode, released a statement refuting…or as she put it, “renouncing” (smh, lol) the previous Max B statement…

“This email is renouncing earlier reports that Hip-Hop artist Max B had been attacked at a used car dealership in Queens, NY on March 27th 2008 and injured with gunshot wounds, as stated on a popular New York gossip show. Nothing of the sort has happened and all earlier reports released by ghost- writer publicist Joli Adore, who has no affiliation with Max or his management company are bogus. Max B who is managed by Lazy K Productions is safe and in high spirits on tour promoting his latest project Million Dollar Baby 2, which is on sale now. Max did want to ensure his fans that all shows dates for this weekend are still on.”

Ok…..I’m gonna assume, that the “popular New York gossip show” refers to my “Celebrity Drama Report” on the Funkmaster Flex show, on Hot97 NYC. But in the interest of saving face, this new PR rep thought she could undo the damage done by Publicist-A, by insinuated that your girl Info got “ChuckPhillips-ed” or something….

You sure you wanna go there?
(cue Keek da Sneak hook….”dumb…dumb…dumb..dumb…tell me when to go“)

Let’s follow the smoking gun….

1) “Nothing of the sort happened.”: this refers to rumors that Max B had an altercation at a car dealership in Queens (or neighboring part of Long Island).

Now, they know, that I know, that they know, that yes, something “of the sort” happened.

The reason I know this is because Max was not alone when this altercation happened. There were 3 different kinds of eyewitnesses. There were the people who initiated the “fight.” There were people who were bystanders (remember, this was a place of business). And there was a person who was accompanying Max, himself. Ironically, I would have never gone into these details if Publicist-B hadn’t tried to discredit me in her “Offecial Max B Press Release” (yes, that’s how she spelled it). But since she did try, then I guess I’ll also mention that I was offered photographic proof of the incident. Which I turned down….then, at least.

2) “earlier reports released by ghostwriter publicist Jolie Adore [aka Joli Oshay] are bogus.”:

Duhh. Obviously, there were some gaping holes in Publicist-A’s announcement. Namely, her repeated description of Max being in “critical condition.” Which is why I called attention to that in my post, by writing, “there are conflicting accounts about the altercation. Not to mention, how can you be in critical condition…at the crib?”

But another reason for my skepticism….was the fact that I had already talked to a source close to Max B. This source is the one person I completely trust in his circle. And this source did not deny an altercation, but insisted that Max was “doing ok.” A far cry from the melodrama of the battling publicists.

3) “Jolie Adore has no affilation with Max B.”:

Oh yeah? Well she did last night! LOL…..because my Max B insider confirmed Publicist-A’s and Publicist-B’s roles as aspiring (read unpaid) Biggavelli “reps,”…….only using a much less flattering term.

So, there you go….breaking down the battle of the Max B publicists. Next time you ladies are looking for approval from a coveted “client” figure out how to do it without 1) making your client look worse, not better, and 2)trying to put me in your hot mess. My listeners/readers see right through that. And Max B and his team probably do too. (Update:…ok, that was an overestimation, lol)

(props to Lazy K and First Lady El. Lazy is listed as Max’s manager)