LOL, it’s like J.Smooth/IllDoctrine tapped into the psyches of all the “Scared of Santa” kids that I posted yesterday….and translated their thoughts on how….the holidays are not always that friggin’ happy for folks. Let me just say, the holidays are great for winding down, looking back on the year, and appreciating the people that you love and like. For example, I appreciate you guys, the readers; I really appreciate you riding with us through exclusives, and historic moments, but also randomness, and typos, and crappy songs and some supremely boring interviews, lol.
But maybe you also take time to reflect on the haters, and the miserable people, and the folks who play themselves on twitter, also the folks who don’t even realize how unlikeable they are, and the sheisty people who have petty motivations. And let’s not forget the plain dumb folks.

The great part about all this web connective-ness is that we can keep up with people and things outside our reach. The bad part, is that we’re also far more aware of other thoughts and actions. And that can be a buzzkill.

I’d actually love to hear from you guys about things you want more of and less of on the blog….like what types of content do you like. Do random posts about Karl Lagerfeld, or my sister’s dog annoy you? (full disclosure: that’s probably going to still happen) Do song streams make your life easier or do you insist on downloading everything first? Do you like when I post photo galleries and snarky fashion commentary like the ESPY awards or New York Fashion Week? Do you even click play and watch all the interview clips that go up? Or do you prefer transcribed quotes of the highlight instead? And what about behind-the-scenes (BTS) vids? I think they’re usually crappy and make the final video anti-climatic.

Either way…feel free to email me at if you want to keep your feedback private. And I’ll make sure to add emails for Mr. North and Mikey Fresh too.

UPDATE: speaking of Bah Humbug…..did anyone watch this “Holiday” greeting from Timbaland? Wow….thank you for bringing that joy to the world…not.
(watch after the jump)

Um….Timbaland first tells us that Christmas is not all about the gifts and having fun and stuff…its about Christ. Ok, gotcha. But he also brags about his Christmas tree, which is definitely all about having stuff, and not so much about Christ. No problem. Timbo also mentions that he’s given away 100,000 Xboxes and PS3s. *raised eyebrow* And finally he announces in honor of all the folks having a bad holiday season….he’s launching Timbo Thursdays in January. Really?
Here’s my commentary from last night’s Celebrity Drama Report ; )