I’d been hearing rumors for a few days that 50 Cent was collecting more ammo in the ongoing Ross v. 50 “situation.” And Ross definitely stoked the flames when he was talking to Funk Flex last night:

“Now if he was a real gangster, a real g…if you was gonna fly [Tia] up and take her shopping, you shoulda banged on tape”


So the rumors worried me, but I figured it was more of the photo collection that he showed Joe La Puma for his Complex interview.

I was so wrong.

50 Cent allegedly has video. Video of Rick Ross’ other baby moms, Brooke. And this isn’t like when Fif took Tia to Jumpoff-DisneyLand (aka the Gucci store)…at…all.

I haven’t seen the video yet but I told my sources I needed some proof….

ugh…after the jump…

(not safe for work, fyi)


Now, I can’t address the tattoo or the poly-satin kimono….but let’s discuss the tag here. “BooBooTV“??? What diabolical f–kery is this!? Has Thisis50.com spawned an evil offshoot? Is it gonna be an All-Curly-All-The-Time public access television channel?

*clutches prayer beads*