50 and shaniqua
(50 and Shaniqua Tompkins at their son’s appearance in the Child magazine fashion show)

50 Cent went to court again because his baby mother Shaniqua felt that she should not have to move out of the Long Island mansion that 50 bought, but that she lives in with 10-year old Marquis (50’s son), as well as with her 16 year old daughter (who had the Sweet 16 party that Jim Jones performed at)….and…key point, her new boyfriend. Shaniqua’s point is that 50 allegedly promised her a house. 50’s point is that she receives $6700 a month which is enough to pay for new housing, as well as his son’s other needs (but perhaps not the needs/wants of her other child, her man, or her shoe closet).

Now, the French news segment on today’s procedings is completely hilarious…the Benny Hill music had me on the floor. (And it reminded me of the same campy humor of that famous Anna Wintour news satire).

But something about the whole story makes me kind of sad. Not for the baby moms, she pushed her luck too far when she sued for 50k a month instead of 10k. And not for 50Cent, he’s made enough people fell uncomfortable in one way or another to have built up at least this much karmic retribution. But if Dix Hills, Long island is too pricey for a mortgage under 5k, then it’s the son who’s going to have to move to another town, make new friends, and feel like his sister’s unhappiness is his fault. So my advice to Fif is simple: you won the child support battle, and the house battle (a judge ruled that Shaniqua must actually pay Fif $9000 and also vacate the house). So find a nice townhouse in Dix Hills, something big enough for a growing boy, but not too comfortable for a boyfriend and all his Call of Duty 4 cronies….buy it outright with your pocket change. Then the ex will have a harder time painting you as a heartless repo man.