Growing up in the ghetto wasn’t exactly like living in the tough stereotypical ghetto conditions, according to Azealia Banks. The 20 year-old rapper told the New York Times that even though she was surrounded by a rough atmosphere, she lived a different ghetto lifestyle, fortunate enough to have toys, clothes and pets.

“We lived in Harlem just, like, at the beginning of its gentrification . . . but my mom had our apartment since she was 18, she worked a retail job, but she worked on commission, so she made like, maybe, 75 or $80,000 a year, but our rent was so cheap since it was, like, rent-controlled, so our rent was, like, $300 a month for a two-bedroom apartment, so we always had extra money. I grew up very spoiled . . . like I had everything: I had computers, I had video games, I had dress-up clothes, I had lipstick, I had heels — not like, actual heels, play heels — I had dolls, I had birds, I had hamsters — my mom did a really good job of keeping me stimulated.”

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Before moving to the U.K, to pursue her rap career, Banks also said that she lived a healthier ghetto lifestyle, being exposed to different habits and cultures outside her neighborhood.

““ ‘I’ve come from the ghetto and it’s really hard’ thing? Well, I came from the ghetto but it wasn’t hard for us, y’know what I mean? Because I lived on the block with kids who were, like, crack babies. I had other aunts and uncles who lived in other parts of Harlem, and I’d go with my cousins and we’d be out on the street, y’know . . . I had a healthy juxtaposition of, like, good and bad.”

You can read the full New York Times feature here.

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