Goes to T-pain for telling my girl Angie Martinez that artists better stop using autotuner (that’s the voicebox effect that T-Pain uses to , err, “enhance” his singing skills and make him sound like a robot) “without his permission.” He goes on to say that everyone made fun of him for using autotuner but now they’re copying him. “They know who they are….some rappers are doing it too.” T-Pain then says that its okay, but he better be getting paid for it.

Click here to listen to the fuzzy math.

[audio:tpain clip.mp3]

What? You’re a clown for that. Here’s four words. Roger. Troutman. Teddy. Riley…….oh here’s another. Cher. That’s five. Check them out on itunes.

*and by ass, I mean, jackass, mule, donkey, etc. Not ass as in Kim Kardassian : )